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Ram owners react to the new grille on the 2018 Ram Sport

Ram is changing up the look of its popular truck 1500. Many owners aren't thrilled with the new body-colored grille on the 2018 Ram Sport.


Current Ram 1500 owners are using a popular Ram truck forum to react to a change in the grille design for the 2018 Ram Sport. The new grille ditches the crosshairs design and goes for a new grille that matches the body color. Other trim levels have the new grille shape in chrome, or black on the 2018 Ram Rebel.

Body Color with Ram spelled out

A Florida Ram owner started the conversation. Sker writes, “The Rebel has grown on me where it's ok. The limited is meh, but the chrome at least provides a variety. But body color..? Guess I'll have to see one in person to really judge, but based on that, I'm not the least bit impressed. I hope they keep the crosshairs around for the next gen.”

According to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles website, it appears they are keeping the crosshairs grille for the 2018 Ram Harvest editions as well as the 2018 Ram Night Quad cabs. The 2018 Ram EcoDiesels will also carry the crosshairs grille.

Big, from Cincinnati, isn’t thrilled either. “Yea I'm not a fan of it on the sport, I like the crosshair design with the billet horizontal bars on the current sport.”

Thunder, who is a frequent commenter and a longtime owner, says, “The Limited grille on the Limited was as much as I cared for it to extend to the product line. I don't like it on the Laramie Longhorns and I very much don't like it on the Sports.”

Yankee says he wishes they would spend more time improving the navigation and do away with the rotary knob for the gearbox. “I am waiting to see what the Rams built at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant will look like & what changes will be made. I sure hope that they do not change the design to be more slope-nosed.”

Hemi, from New Hampshire, says “It's not as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm not sure why the need to change to nostrils on either side of the grille. If they were making this with forced air induction inlet cutouts where the nostrils are...then I'm on board, but otherwise, it's just different for the sake of different IMO.”

Better than Chrome?

Mac, from Boston, likes the change. “The new design is very popular and sells more RAMs. That’s what it’s about. I like the grille.”

Carisse, from Louisiana, doesn’t mind the change in design. “I like my current cross hair sport grille, but I like the new one too. But I also like the RAM lettering. To each his own.”

Vanilla, from Edmonton, says matching the body color improves the look. “I don't mind it. I think the crosshair looks better sure...but I actually think it looks better color matched than a big huge chrome grille.”

Magna, from Toronto, says it took a while to get used to. “Didn’t care for it at first but it quickly grew on me and think it’s the best grille ever.” I don’t know if he is serious or just being cheeky.

Crusher, from Quebec, isn’t a fan. “I hate the RAM on the grille... everyone knows it’s a Ram, no need to put it there, prefer the head logo.”

One owner suggested that if anyone is unhappy, it is easy to switch out grilles and relatively inexpensive. Much like every other change in the automotive industry, once the company makes the switch, other vehicles start to look older, with the outdated grille. It is an easy way for companies to refresh a look without having the change the design or sheet metal.