2019 Ram 1500

Owners React to their New 2019 Ram 1500s

It is the first question that everyone asks someone with a brand new vehicle. "How do you like it." 2019 Ram tells a truck forum what he likes about his 2019 Ram 1500 and what he doesn't.

2019Ram says he hasn’t posted on the popular Ram forum before, even though he owns a 2014 Ram 1500, but he is very excited to share about his 2019 Ram 1500. He says, “Hey fellow ram owners, first time posting here and want to share my purchase I made last friday, finally found a dealer that had one in and in a color and configuration that i liked, a laramie crew cab with the short bed in black, it has the bench seat up front, 275 65r18 tires (don’t really like 20's on my truck) and thankfully it doesn’t have parking sensors because I always had problems with them on my 2014 ram 1500, I was looking for a big horn like my 14 was but oddly enough this laramie was the cheapest 2019 I found, most of the big horns were around $52,000 and the laramie was under $48,000 so I went for the Laramie.

BigHorn17 was the first to react. “Nice truck! Crazy that the Laramie was less than the Big Horn!”

Details, The Forum Members Want Details!

Thunder, from North Carolina, who is a frequent poster, can’t wait to hear all about the 2019! “I think you might be the first person here with a 5th gen! We are looking forward to hearing all about it to see how all the advertised features play out in the real world; even the mundane minutiae! The dealer here in town just got one, but I have yet to see any driving around.”

Several of the Ram fans tell 2019Ram that they are waiting until they can get the built-in Ramboxes before they will buy, but the frequent posters are very excited for 2019Ram. “Congrats on the purchase! I haven't even seen them at dealers in my area yet. The e-torque intrigues me, I'd have to wait for that to be available before entertaining a new 1500.”

These fans are serious about wanting to know details. Yankee, from San Diego, asks great questions. Inquiring minds want to know! “I don't see microphones on the rear view mirror. I see a Split rear view mirror, do you have a back up camera monitor in that mirror? If you do, is it for the Tailgate camera or the Cargo camera ? Does your Tailgate lower by using a button on the Remote ?”

2019Ram is happy to answer! “The microphones are above the driver and passenger seats, and the rearview mirror is a single piece, the back- up camera is in the uconnect radio and it works great, they made it so you can zoom in on it.” It is nice of him to share, but I have found that most pickup drivers are very nice.

Several of the posters go off on a tangent about how much the insurance will go up on a new truck. The 2019 has more safety features, which helps, but new vehicles always spike the insurance a little.

MPG and eTorque are Big Questions

Cadet wants to know more of the details about the truck. “Can you keep us informed of your fuel mileage?”

2019Ram says the weather in Illinois hasn’t been helping. “I Sure will, it been around 19.5 lately it only has just over 1000 miles on it right now so it fluctuates a lot, also been pretty windy here lately so that’s not helping either.”

It will be interesting to see how 2019Ram likes his new truck down the road. He loves it so far. It will also be fun to see how the rest of the drivers like the 2019 once they can get it fitted with Ramboxes. Fans love their Rams and the 2019 Ram 1500 seems to have made popular improvements!

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