chevy silverado paint problems
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How paint problems are infuriating 2015 Chevy Silverado owners

A check of recent truck forums finds that a number of owners of 2015 Chevy Silverados are having problems with paint flaking or peeling off. The problems are serious enough that people are taking their complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because they aren’t receiving help from the dealerships.

On one discussion about “weak paint”, one owner asked “Has anyone else noticed that the paint on 2014+ silverados chip and scratch very easily? Seems like every time I wash my 2015 I find new chips or scratches.”

Another person adds, “Yes the paint quality on the 2014+ trucks is poor, my 15 already looks about how my 08 did after it was 7 years old. You can thank the epa for that.” And yet another posted, “My black 2015 gets scratches just by looking at it. I have a buddy who needed to get his front end repainted a month after purchase because of all the stone chips.”

A person who claims to work for a dealership denies there is a problem with the paint on 2015 Chevy Silverados “Well as a painter at a Gm dealership, your 2015 weak paint complaint is completely false. The paint is actually pretty good vs the 09-13s. We haven't been seeing any issues with 14 and ups at all.”

But yet another owner fires back “about the fragile paint on the K2XX trucks, worst paint I have ever seen, but the problem is wide spread over all the newer GM vehicles, water based paints suck but our air has improved 700 percent since GM was forced to switch.”

Chevy Silverado Paint Problem Complaints Are Widespread
The complaints are widespread, from different climates all over the U.S. and Canada. A check of the website, that compiles consumer issues on all types of vehicles, finds that the concerns are serious enough that many owners have taken their complaints to NHTSA.

For the 2015 model year there have been four complaints to NHTSA over paint problems with the 2015 Chevy Silverado. The complaints are that the paint either peels or chips too easily. The paint problems seem even more pronounced for the 2014 Chevy Silverado. For the 2014 Chevy Silverado there are 33 complaints, again for peeling or excessive chipping.

I have messaged the public relations person who oversees truck production for General Motors but haven’t heard back yet. It is true that the auto companies are constantly reformulating paint mixtures to be more environmentally friendly but paint peeling within the first few months or even the first few years is inexcusable. I can’t find any recalls for paint for these model years but there are enough forums and complaint sites to indicate that the issues are widespread enough to trigger concern.

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I bought a new 2015 Silverado blackout at 6000 miles I found paint chips worse than on my 2007 Tahoe. Took it to the dealership today they would not acknowledge the problem. Said rock chips and if it flaked around the chip it wouldn't be warranted. This really sucks. Saved along time to buy a truck like this. Very disappointed.
Yes, I too have a chipping problem with a 2014 Silverado. I now have 28,000 miles on it and the front end, behind the tires, and the driver's side door is the worst I have experienced on a Chevrolet product in over 40 years. There is very little paint and it chips to the metal. I have said something about it at every oil change but I cannot even get someone to order touch-up paint. Looks like it is definitely a factory problem.
Add another silverado(2014,white,under 30k mi)to your list of chipping paint victims.please let me know of any solutkons ,for this will really screw up sell/trade in value.thanx ..joel
I bought a 17 Silverado in November of 17. As of January 22nd I only have 3000km on the truck and it looks worse then my 08 sierra already. This truck has never seen gravel roads either. What a shame for the cost of these trucks...
Paint flaking off there are spots all over the truck 2017 Gmc red in color
2015 Red Silverado...delaminating. Stopping at as many dealerships as I can. All acknowledge there is a problem, but none will do anything about it yet
My 2015 Equinox has paint issues to. It's chipping away .
I would definitely try to send NHTSA a complaint. The only way that they will hold the company accountable is if they have proof from owners.
I bought my black 2015 silverado in nov. 2015. only abought 8000 miles when I noticed spots on the hood, top and bed. a closer look and you can see the paint cracking through the clear coat down to the metal. the dealership and paint shop said it was tree sap that caused it. strange this was only on the flat surfaces. after it was sanded there were spots on the metal under the primer coat. this is only on the flat surfaces not the sides or where the fenders or any other surfaces were exposed from directly above. GM is painting it but I'm afraid i'll have the same problem again. has anyone else having the same issues?
I am having the same problem wit my 2017 Silverado LTZ midnight edition. They tried to reclear it and its going back again. I want the paint taken off and new primer and paint. this will be 3rd time at the dealership. I contacted GM corporate and they are trying to help.
I have a 2015 Silverado LTZ midnight addition and the paint is chipping bad. Is GM taking care of this. This truck cost 53 thousand dollars.
I have a 2015 LT Silverado and mine is doing the same and the dealer told me its not covered
Having the same problems with my 17 rock chips all over the wheel well contacted Gm they want to take it to a body shop to inspect the paint how did you outcome turn out
Have you had any luck with Chevy yet?
I contacted GM corporate executives. Just search google for "gm (or chevy) executive email addresses". They did contact me back within a day or so. They re-opened a warranty claim. Ended with telling me that the paint meets factory specs (apparently standards are LOW). GM claims "outside influence" and "atmospheric conditions" and my driving habits / roads as the cause. The executive office did give me a $500 voucher for genuine chevrolet accessories for my trouble. I call it a PITY PRESENT. All I wanted is what I paid for, a nice looking truck. With chevy, $55K gets you a half decent truck with garbage paint. My RAM paint was flawless for 2 years, my chevy...... perhaps 300-350 small chips at 6 months old.
My last truck was a 2003 Silverado that was six years old when I bought it with 56,000 miles. I traded it in March 2015 on my current 2015 Silverado that I ordered new. This is my first new truck. The paint chipping is very discouraging. I already put a bunch of touch up paint on the front edge of the hood & bought a bug shield. I have more random chips showing up all of the time in the hood, fenders, & door pillar. My 2015 with 22,000 miles seems to have more obvious chips than my 2003 did after I owned it a year or two. For the money these cost this is ridiculous.
I just purchased a 2016 chevy silverado 1500 black 8 months and having paint issues it almost look like sap but but it not. I took it in to chevy dealer ship and had them fix it they had truck for 2 weeks and call me and they painted it ready for pick up so I go down to pick up truck and take a look at and same thing on drivers door right under the pen stripping fish eye on driver door when you open the door all round there white powder for wet sanding the truck so I told them I'm not taking the truck till it's right so they took the truck back it and told me they will fix it. Now 3 weeks later they call ready for pick up so go down again and look at the truck and those spots are still there in driver door, passenger door and above driver door and the shop manger pulls me to the side and says off the recored what did you get on this truck and I look at him and said" nothing I've had issues since I first got the truck I've had them detail it twice to get the sap of the truck and the sales man said we have a great service department and they will take care of any issues so now I'm waiting for them to call and see if they can fix it ?? My next to words are importance (punitive damages ) think I want a new truck Just wanted to see if any one else is have this problem with there 2016 chevy Silverado manufacture is fort wanye Texas
Josh, I posted our full story on here but I wanted to personally reply to your post. You said in your post Fort Wayne TX. We were told our paint was chipping off because it was painted at the Ft Wayne Indiana plant. Did you actually mean TX?
Hi, Yes, I have 2016 Silverado 1500... parked under almond tree ... sap took paint off of the hood. Dealer indicated that tree sap would not do that and regardless, GM does not pay for paint repairs. GM sends me to Dealership and dealer to GM... cant even get a price quote for repair or additional protective coating from either one .... getting essentially 'don't bother us' it is your problem...truck has less than 20,000 miles!
2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 paint peeling around windows also. Chevy rep looking at it today they want to repaint my whole truck or get me into a new truck with incentives. This is ridiculous. San Antonio Tx.
Yes Josh I am having the same problem with my 2016 Silverado . Spoke to multiple paint guys off to the side and they are telling me it’s almost like they put the clearcoat on before the basecoat dried and it is working it’s way out . I am dealing with a dealership now not ready to say their name but they only want to do the cab and take it down to the base coat . Is it 2016 Z 71 4 x 4 I bought it and then put a lot more money into a lift kit rims and everything else . I am so pissed off I save all my life for a truck like this and now I am afraid I am going to have a 3 tone truck. This factory defect will show up on Carfax due to the cost which will decrease my value . I just want them to fix the whole truck so it is consistent I paid invoice price and make my monthly payments Chevy needs to do what is right and stand by their work . My next step would be to take it to investigative reporters and see if they will help
It's not just the trucks. I have a black '15 Equinox that is scratched up around the door handle from fingernails touching the paint. I had the 'looks like tree sap' thing on the hood but a closer look show it is pitting in the paint that is growing and showing up in different sections of the hood and roof. In one place it goes all the way to the metal. The dealer says it is environmental damage and not their fault. This is north Florida with no unusual source of environmental issues other than bugs and sunshine. If the paint pits down to the metal in 1 1/2 years due to the environment, there is something wrong with the paint.
I would definitely notify NHTSA about your concerns. I would also take the complaint further than the dealer, to Chevrolet's customer relations departments. Oftentimes they will authorize repairs, especially if it is a well-known complaint.
my paint is pelling and small chips all over my 2015 Silverado ,, and the dealer is not doing anything to help me out I need help to fix this problem
my paint is chipping off all over my truck how can you help gm will not do anything what so ever and I need help
I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 in rain forest green. The paint chips quite easily when small rocks are thrown either by other vehicles or my own 20 inch tires. Particularly affected areas are the front of the hood and lower portions of the bed of the truck. The paint is thin and the white undercoat shows through after the small chip occurs.I have purchased a small bottle of touch-up paint at a local auto paint supply and a bottle of clear coat at an auto supply store. Some chips are easily repaired and are hard to see after they were touched-up. The chips on the front of the hood are more difficult to cover and can be still visible in certain shades of light. I just have to live with it. After all, it's a truck not a show car. Even though the Silverado was quite an expensive purchase when new.
My 2013 Silverado was very bad for paint peeling I complained to GM to know end they did nothing so I had no choice I sold the truck before it got to bad only had 61 000km on it only got $20 000. I also notice lots of weird outward portraying dings all over the bed sides. We have two 2014 gmc's at work and it's rediculesl how much paint has peeled off and the bedsides are starting to worp and get all wavey looking I got lots of pictures if anyone is interested. Needless to say I'll never buy another GM again I'm going to try a Tundra next they have a way better resale.
My 2013 GMC Sierra has a huge piece of paint that peeled off the front of the roof right above the windshield. Obviously a defective paint job, and the dealer told me only warranted for 3 years so tough sh*t. Can't believe I spent $62000 on a truck and the paint peels in 3 years and no one wants to accept responsibility. I will never buy another GM product.
I'm experiencing the same problems with my 2013 Silverado. The dealer did make the repair to the first chip, which was on the passenger side door around the window area. Just got it from the body shop two weeks ago and have discovered another chip on the front right panel. It's a shame that GM is aware of this situation but will not offer a recall or some kind of assistance to the consumer to correct this problem. GM was bailed out by the Government to help save an American Product and they show their gratitude by knowingly passing along to the consumers defected products.
2014 Silver, Silverado, paint peeling. Garaged, washed regularly. Dropping in dime sized pcs. This is BAD paint. Will complain but don't have hope. Once you sign for it it's your problem.