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2016 Ram truck owners debate best modifications for the money

After dropping a bundle on a new truck, no one wants to spend money foolishly. A new 2016 Ram truck owner reached out to members of a Ram forum to find out what would get him the biggest bang for his bucks.

A new 2016 Ram owner, who calls himself Ramji, asked perhaps the most honest and helpful question. “I am new to the truck ownership and looking for modifications for my 2016 RAM Laramie trim. I am city dweller but love outdoors. Please list your favorite modification which provides the greatest value for the money spent.”

The driver, from Florida, wasn’t asking for a complete overhaul of his new truck, but for honest advice on what investment to make. The answers ran the gamut, but most owners gave very thoughtful responses. It is probably a good idea to take note of the suggestions, no matter what year or type of truck you own.

The number one suggestion appears to be, “My favorite mod was $30 - a Dee Zee tailgate assist. Very simple, nobody sees it, but it's a nice to have.” Several owners made this suggestion. According to the Dee Zee website “If you’re looking for tailgate operation so smooth you could virtually use a single finger, then Dee Zee Tailgate assist is the choice for you. It allows easy operation, even when your hands are full, and avoid the bone-jarring “thud” from your truck bed slamming down.” On the website, it also says they make tailgate assists for every make and model of truck.

An Ohio owner couldn’t agree more, plus he adds. “Another vote for Dee zee tailgate assist, cheap and easy install and works great! Another good mod for me and the Mrs were side steps, makes jumping in and out of the truck easier and less wear on the seats.” Johnny, from Northern California, agrees! “The best mod I have done is steps. Not cheap but makes getting in and out much easier and I won't wear a hole in the seat from sliding out.”

Barr, from Canada, suggests, “Go with the husky liners they fit better and stay relatively soft in cold weather when you want to clean them.”

Other popular suggestions are to get:

• Tonneau folding bed cover

• Cabin air filter

• Tinted front windows

• HID headlights

• Leveling kit

The new 2016 Ram truck owner appears to appreciate the input. He responded, “My sincere thanks to all of you for answering my query. I really appreciate it. I got some of the basic ones like Tonneau Cover, Tint and Weather Tech liners. I will look into tailgait assist next and then into leveling kit. Again thanks for sharing your thoughts.”

What would you add to the list and why?

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