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Rumored: New Trademarks Hint At Possible EVs for Jaguar and Land Rover

It seems everyone is working on an electric vehicle of some kind. Jaguar and Land Rover are no exception to this.

AutoGuide recently found three trademarks filled the British Automaker in Europe’s Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) - something akin to the U.S.' Patent and Trademark office. The trademarks are for I-Pace, I-Type, and Velar. This has led them to believe the names could be used for electric vehicles.

Wait, that is quite the leap in logic. Why not E-Type?

E-Type is a very hallowed name for Jaguar as it was used on one of the most iconic coupe/convertible from the sixties. Going with something like I gives Jaguar the ability to start up a new brand that is dedicated to electric vehicles only.

So which name to goes to what possible model?

Going by Jaguar's current nomenclature system, I-Pace would be used on a crossover and I-Type would be used for a coupe.

What about Velar?

Velar is most likely for Land Rover as it was the name of the original Range Rover pre-production model. The name is possibly derived from “Velare,” Italian for to cover.

Now a trademark filing doesn't mean they will actually use the name?

Correct. For all of the trademark filings that are reported, many don't see the light of day on a vehicle. But this one could have some credence as there is a connection either in history or to the current lineup.

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