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More EVs Are In Porsche's Future

Sports car builders are wondering what the future of their vehicles will look like as stricter fuel economy and emission regulations come into effect.
Posted: September 19, 2016 - 4:04PM
Author: Will Maley

“We are checking our strategy almost on a daily basis,” said Porsche's new CEO Oliver Blume to Automobile Magazine.

“For the simple reason that electrification still carries a substantial weight penalty, sports cars will hold on to classic propulsion solutions a little longer than other vehicle types. But even the 911 must eventually adjust.”

Blume's comments echo ones made by August Achleitner, head of 718/911 development last month.

But that doesn't mean Porsche isn't working on electric models. The Stuttgart automaker is already hard at work on a production version of the Mission E concept along with a new electric SUV. Automobile also reports that the long-rumored mid-engined 960, powered by a brand-new flat-eight has dropped out of Porsche's internal ‘to do’ list for a smaller version of the Mission known as Pajun E. Blume did not want to talk about this vehicle, but did let out the platform that will underpin the production Mission E - codenamed J1 - can scale. This means Porsche could use this platform for a smaller sedan like the Pajun E or something larger (possibly Bentley Mulsanne sized).

Pic Credit: Porsche