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Mercedes-AMG Busy At Work On Hybrid Powertrains

Hybrids have a reputation for being gas-misers. But they can also be used to increase performance, something that intrigues many performance divisions.
Posted: March 7, 2016 - 3:42PM
Author: Will Maley


Mercedes' performance division AMG is currently working on hybrid powertrains and platforms for future models that will keep the performance while meeting stricter emission standards.

Speaking with Australian outlet Motoring, AMG chief Tobias Moers said he was excited by the idea of hybrid and electric performance models.

“As an engineer I’m excited by it. Because I know this is going to help us to increase power output. To give us better straight-line performance. But you always have to take care that it should be balanced regarding the overall dynamics of the car,” said Moers.

A key problem with hybrids is the added weight of electric motors and batteries explained Moers. How do you keep the performance while dealing with extra weight? There is an additional problem facing Moers with going to hybrids. Currently, AMG has to deal with three different drivetrain layouts and numerous platforms.

“We are not able to shut our eyes for future demands so we work on electrification, hybridisation, and this is the bigger task for us, because we have three different layouts in place, east-west [A45 etc], GT [FR with transaxle] and C 63 [FR]. All different platforms and layouts,” said Moers.

Moers hinted that Mercedes-Benz is considering reducing the number of platforms to reduce complexity and development times.

As for when we'll see hybrid versions of AMG models, Moers said that it isn't likely to happen until 2020. Possible models for going hybrid include the C63, E63, and the AMG GT.

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