Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar Unveils the 'New Original' XKSS

It may seem odd that an automaker is building new versions of an old car. But for Jaguar, this is to button up some unfinished business.

From 1954 to 1956, Jaguar built the XKSS. This was road-going version of famed D-Type racecar, which cemented Jaguar's repuation for racing as it would win the famed Le Mans race in 55 and 56. The company was planning to build nine models in 1957, but a fire at the Browns Lane factory destroyed the vehicles destined for North America. As a result, only 16 XKSS models were built.

Last week at the LA Auto Show, Jaguar Classic unveiled a one-off prototype of 'New Original' XKSS. This vehicle took 18 months for the team to research and build it. Jaguar Classic used the orignal blueprints along with digital scans of XKSS models to get it right. The prototype is powered by the D-Type's 3.4L straight-six producing 262 horsepower. The engine boasts new cast iron blocks, new cast cylinder heads, and three Weber DC03 carburetors. Plus it can run on unleaded fuel.

Jaguar will be building the remaining nine vehicles using the period-correct chassis numbers from the original XKSS ledger. The magnesium alloy bodies will be hand-crafted on a a new, bespoke styling buck.

How much will one of these set you back? Over a million dollars. But before you start checking your bank account, the nine vehicles have already been sold.

Pic Credit: Jaguar

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