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EPA Official Expresses Concern of Volkswagen and U.S. Meeting the Deadline

Volkswagen earned a deadline extension from a Federal Judge last month to work out a deal with the EPA, CARB, and U.S. Justice Department over the diesel emission scandal. But concerns are popping up that Volkswagen could miss this extension.

As we reported last month, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer gave Volkswagen an extension to April 21st to work out a deal with the various entities. At the hearing, both Volkswagen and EPA said they were making progress in negotiations, but a number of issues still needed to be worked out.

Fast forward to yesterday when EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told reporters that she didn't know if the parties would reach and agree to a deal by April 21st.

"I wouldn't take any single signal as the direction of those negotiations or where any final agreement - if we reach one - will end up," said McCarthy.

McCarthy didn't give any reason as to why she believes this. But issues as to whether or not the EPA would be willing to accept a partial fix on older TDI models and others might be why.

As Reuters notes, if Volkswagen and U.S. Government cannot reach a deal by April 21st, Judge Breyer would consider bringing this matter to trial this summer.

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