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Audi Surprises Some Of Their Fans For The Holidays

It isn't common for an automaker to surprise their fans with a gift for the holidays.

But Audi surprised six of their biggest fans on Instagram with custom made vintage-theme posters of their vehicles. The fans were picked by the German automaker based on their enthusiasm for the brand and show of love for their Audi on Instagram. From there, Audi pulled in Paris-based photographer and car enthusiast, Amaury Laparra to create the posters.

Laparra worked with the selected fans to learn the story of their cars before creating the posters. To create the posters, Laparra blended a number of design elements from fashion ads and vintage motorsport posters with each fan's photos. A key point to every poster is that it reflects the owner. Once finished, the posters were gift wrapped and sent to fans as an early holiday surprise.

"What an amazing surprise to receive for the holidays. I admire the artist’s attention to detail and the way he highlighted my favorite aspect of my Nardo Gray R8, which is the last manual ever to be made,” said Erik Dietz, founder of the Audi Club of Los Angeles.

“We know that behind every great Audi fan photo is an even better story,” said Loren Angelo, Director of Marketing for Audi of America. “With the fan-inspired art, we wanted to recognize our customers and our incredible fans who demonstrate their enthusiasm for our products every day.”

Do you wish more automakers would do something like this?

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