Nissan LEAF on Fire
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Video Shows Nissan LEAF Engulfed in Flame, Details Unknown

Based on all the fire hysteria from a few years ago regarding electric vehicle car fires, it is with sadness that I report a Nissan LEAF was caught on fire in Texas on September 1st.

During the aforementioned hysteria, the Chevy Volt, and the Tesla S all were caught up in the original stories. While at this point, and the first to my knowledge and the first time I have ever seen an electric Nissan Leaf on fire.

I have absolutely no information about how this car fire started nor do I know if it was involved in an accident prior to this or was it deliberately set ablaze. I’m sure more details will follow but the sad part to me is that the Leaf is actually shown here on fire. I’m sure any car would succumb to fire if it was deliberately set on fire and the Leaf is no exception to this as many interior parts are plastic and plastic does burn.

All in all, if anyone has any further information about this story, please post so we can all determine what caused this Nissan Leaf to be in flame.

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Hey, I thought this was a reputable site. Nissan Leaf is a fire trap because you found a picture of one car burning under unknown circumstances. Maybe I'll light up a box of number 2 pencils and write a story "The pencils you send your kids to school with could burn them alive!"
Dougliser where did you see LEAF is a fire trap?
The RSS feed has the title, "Your Nissan Leaf Could Be A Fire Trap". Sensationalism at its best.
He was being sarcastic.
Google Alerts Aggregation --- nissan leaf Daily update ⋅ September 4, 2015 NEWS Torque News Your Nissan LEAF Could Be A Fire Trap Torque News Based on all the fire hysteria from a few years ago regarding electric vehicle car fires, it is with sadness that I report a Nissan LEAF was caught on fire ... Would You Like Nissan To Improve These 5 Things in Your LEAF? - Torque News First ever Nissan Leaf car fire a puzzle, no solid information known - Full Coverage
He did NOT see that or anything close to that. The author clearly says he has no info. A quick google search confirms that these is NO information about this car fire. Commenter "Dougliser" probably took offense when he saw the Leaf on fire. Happens to me all the time. Every time I share my negative experience with my Leaf I am attacked because I don't love the car. And YES this is a reputable site which is more than I can say for some of the comments is see here.
Sorry for the sensationalism here. It was not intended but the car looked to me in the picture to actually be "a fire trap" so hence the description. If you read the article and clearly stated this was just news and I was sad to report that a Nissan Leaf was on fire. I also stated the cause was unknown and could have been started in a variety of different ways.
We modified the title as it was causing concern. Hence, the original story title was a bit too sensational for some readers....
FireTrap!?!?!? As you can CLEARLY see, the driver had enough time to pull off safely to the side of the road and into the grass. I'm sure they escaped fine and the only trap in this story is the STUPID sensationalized heading the author gave it to trap the reader into clicking his sensationalized story. Idiot. The media people these days are nothing but trash, where did all the quality writers go?
Gee WIZ.....sorry I couldn't help it. My writing was meant to inform readers and to request more information from anyone in the Leaf Forums that might have more news about it. All i could find on this was the video so I reported it anyway. My feeling better to come from a Leaf Supporter (as I have a Leaf and drive her almost every day and have over 44,000 miles on her already after just two years) then to come from the main stream media that try everything they can to bash EVs.....
Fire trap? It's as if you've never seen a gasoline driven car on fire. I wonder what the percentage of electric versus fossil fuel car fires are. Oh yes, this site.....riddled with annoying and somewhat questionable advertisements now. Any more, and away it goes!
Who says this wasn't a rolling meth lab? I have had a Nissan Leaf since May of 2011 and with over 75k miles on it I have never had a single issue or with the vehicle. The only things I've had to replace so far is the tires.
WOW I mean wow you have done really well. My 2011 leaf lost first bar at 3500 miles, all 4 rotors needed to be cut at 6600 miles and a front end alignment at 10,300 miles. had enough of that car. It is great your having such great luck.