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The News Only Gets Worse For Jeremy Clarkson

As if getting fired wasn't enough, Jezza may very well have to deal with the law next. The embattled host could now face criminal charges for his outburst on producer Oisin Tymon.


It’s been a busy day for one of the world’s most popular automotive television presenters. Hours after getting the ax by the BBC, Jeremy Clarkson could soon be facing criminal charges for his attack on one of the show’s producers, Oisin Tymon. After the announcement that his 37-year stint with the BBC was over, North Yorkshire Police have asked for the investigation report to determine if any criminal act was committed.

Fans of the show have been taking to social media to express their disappointment in the announcement made by Lord Hall earlier in the day and the news has been trending all over the globe. Even the former “Stig” Perry McCarthy sounded off on his displeasure, “I just don't feel (the situation) was handled right. I believe if it had been handled more intelligently and more strategically there would have been more options for there to be a better outcome all round.”

Well, now that we know the beloved Jezza is out, the question on everyone’s mind becomes, what’s the future of Top Gear UK. The creative director for the BBC has made it known that he wants Richard Hammond and James May to continue on with Top Gear, as it has already been determined that the show will continue on BBC2. The situation will definitely shed some light on how close the triumvirate really is. With Clarkson out, will Hammond and May trudge on without their compatriot or will the trio stick together and surface somewhere else? All three were signed to contracts that are to expire at the end of this season, so it is very possible that they may all walk hand in hand to another huge payday somewhere else. The demand is out there and companies like Netflix have been rumored to be courting the threesome.

While all good things must come to an end, this one ended far too soon. Those that loved the antics of Top Gear UK, will have a long wait to see how things shake out, regardless of what ensues. What used to seem like years waiting for a new season to appear on television screens across the planet may now seem like decades. Will fans get treated to a reunion elsewhere, or is this the end of an era cut short by one man’s hunger for a hot meal?