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The Date For Jeremy Clarkson Is Set

Without Clarkson, there is no Top Gear UK.

What is Top Gear UK without the snide comments from the one and only Jeremy Clarkson? After years of the Top Gear original triumvirate being together, the most popular automotive show on the planet wouldn't be the same without Jezza, as he is affectionately called. The boisterous host is currently suspended by the BBC for a "fracas" and the event is now being investigated by the top brass.

The BBC Press Office issued a statement today regarding its investigation of Clarkson's outburst:

Following last week’s suspension of Jeremy Clarkson, Ken MacQuarrie is now considering the evidence and will report to the Director-General on his findings next week.

Once this has been considered, we will set out any further steps.

The BBC will not be offering further commentary until then.

Once again, this week's episode of Top Gear will not air on March 22nd. This leads all of us "Gearheads" to wonder if there will ever be another episode of what I believe to be televisions best automotive show.

Without Clarkson, there is no Top Gear UK. Let's face it, Richard Hammond and James May are integral parts of the show, but without their third wheel, it can never be as entertaining. The three co-hosts have developed a rapport over the years that can't be rivaled by any other automotive show on television and it makes for "must see tv." How many of us "Gearheads" will be able to survive on just our American version with the likes of Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood? While I enjoy the Top Gear USA version, it can't hold a candle to the original.

While both Hammond and Captain Slow have already declined to go on with the taping of new episodes without their buddy Jezza, we need to face the facts. Without the return of Jeremy Clarkson to Top Gear UK, there will be no more episodes! While I can't condone the actions of Clarkson, I do desperately want his return, if only for my own selfish reasons. You can start your own campaign to bring Jeremy back, or you can jump on the wagon here where almost a million others have already done so. Here is to the BBC coming up with a positive solution next week, so we can have our Jezza back!