Aston Martin V8 Vantage S Coupe

How Aston Martin Aids Consumers in Decision Making by Using Modern Tech

Aston Martin fans, enthusiasts and owners can now uncover and explore a world of luxury through the Aston Martin Official Brochure Collection now available on Google Play. Giving the user exclusive and full access to the current Aston Martin line-up through virtual reality, with a range of six languages, this unique brochure allows the user to take an up close view of the British born Aston Martin brand.

Offering brand background, customization options and literature on the Aston Martin line-up the app helps to showcase brand attributes. Consolidating multiple brochures that one might pick up at their local dealership into one easy online app that the consumer can download very easily. Saving the buyer precious time the app also cuts down on the brand’s use of paper as well.

“We feel that our dealership network appreciates the quality and production of our printed brochures, but provision in a flexible electronic format like this provides greater flexibility and ease of access, particularly in an event context as an example,” said Matthew Clarke, brand communications manager of Aston Martin North America, Irvine, CA.

With a comprehensive overview of the Martin line-up this is a user friendly app that not only helps the consumer in their decision making process but helps the sellers as well in stream lining the experience of the buyer with the app aiding in answering many questions the buyer may have prior to visiting the dealership.

Aston Martin taking luxury directly to the consumer, in a one on one experience, the app is now available on Google Play and will be regularly updated with new brochures and updated language variants for the global market appeal. For more info or to download the Aston Martin app visit Google Play.


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