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Aston Martin Travels East To Share First Class Experience with China

Further enhancing their commitment to the Chinese market, Aston Martin recently celebrated the opening of a new dealership in Xiamen, China. Partnering with Ting Hu Group, with the goal in mind to bring the British born auto to new lands, Martin showcased an exclusive celebration with guests viewing first-hand one of the world’s most beloved sports cars.

For guests viewing the classic DB9 and Rapide S were on hand on the showroom floor. Christian Marti, Aston Martin Global Sales Director, was on hand to officially open the impressive new showroom. He said: “Following on from our momentous achievement in 2013 – Aston Martin’s 100th anniversary – 2014 marks the second century in business for our legendary British marque.

With steady growth of the brand since becoming available to the Chinese market in 2008, Martin plans on continuing to place importance on the continued growth of the brand throughout China. A continued growth of sports car enthusiasts among the Chinese, the Aston Martin is proving to be a brand of luxury and elegance this market favors.

The newly-opened Xiamen showroom is located on the ground floor of the Hongtai Mall has been constructed to meet Aston Martin’s global standards, providing luxury car buyers with everything they expect from a high end performance sports car.

Much like entering an art gallery, visitors upon entering the larger scale showroom floor are able to view the Aston Martin selection like beautiful pieces of art displayed throughout a gallery setting. Completely equipped with Aston Martin services, repair tools, and equipment, along with Aston Martin trained technicians the facility will provide the customer with a first-class experience matched by none.

What would you pay to experience Aston Martin luxury?