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Rare Jaguar is reported to have sold for over $7 million

One of the ultra-rare Jaguar E-Type “Lightweight” racers has reportedly sold for over $7 million. They originally only made 12 of these iconic stripped down racing version of the original Jaguar E-Type.

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According to reports in the UK, one of the original 12 Lightweight E-Type racers made by Jaguar has traded hands and yes, that’s big news. It appears to have been sold by a dealership in London but the exact selling price is unclear. There are only 11 of the originals known to still exist and that’s part of what makes them so highly sought after.

Jaguar built these lightweight cars to compete against their rivals of the day and they did so in winning form. They were factory built cars specifically for European and rally racing events. Featuring an all-aluminum body and engine block, these cars also had most of the interior removed to help reduce even more weight. They are said to have been over 250 lbs. lighter than the standard E-Type’s.
The one sold was model YVH210 and built in 1963 by race driver Peter Sutcliffe. He drove this car in competition at many tracks including Goodwood, Spa, and the Nurburgring. Reports say this is the second one of these rare cars that have been sold in the last year in London. The incredible rarity and iconic history of these cars is sure to have driven the selling price up. It’s just not every day you see a car of this caliber offered for sale. The car had recently been restored by Gary Pearson, the son of Sutcliffe’s own mechanic.

This particular race car most likely did more racing during this 60’s than any other E-Type. With its 3.8 liter engine and 360 horsepower the 2,224 lb. car was fully capable of 150 mph top speeds. When you factor in the rich history of this car, rarity, and the condition this one was in, it’s no wonder the car would sell for this staggering amount. Also makes you curious if this selling price will bring more of these rare cars out of hibernation to see what they might sell for.

The demand for these cars is what prompted Jaguar to go back and remake the missing six that were never built. The Jaguar Heritage Group are remaking the final six that had been on the books and scheduled but never completed. To complete the last six some 50 years later is being done per the exact specifications of the original 12 E-Types. Reports are that all six of the remakes have already been sold at estimates of over $1 million and preference was given to known or established Jaguar collectors.

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