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New Jaguar XE uncovered at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The highly anticipated all-new 2016 Jaguar XE compact sports sedan made its first US appearance at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, MI.


Jaguar says this car will not go on sale until 2016 and will be offered in the gasoline and diesel engines. Customers will choose between the 3.0 liter supercharged V6 capable of 340 horsepower with a zero to 60 mph time of 4.9 seconds and a top speed (limited by electronic control) of 155 mph or the diesel powertrain. We are still waiting for the full set of specs for this engine but we are hearing some rumors of over 40 mpg and that’s enough to get everyone excited! The 8-speed auto and rear wheel drive is sure to attract buyers looking for a break from the cookie cutter cars that most manufacturers are currently making. Early consumer reviews are raving about the styling and new technology Jaguar is ready to launch in the US.

Jaguar’s Director of Design says “Our mission was to create an exciting and dynamic design clearly reflecting the XE positioning as a serious driver’s car – the cab-rearward proportions and tight packaging achieve that and give the XE the appearance of movement even when it’s standing still. It bears a strong family resemblance to the F-Type and will stand apart in the crowd.”

Jaguar has invested a lot to time and money into this new project in hopes that is will be a worthy replacement for the X-Type (compact premium segment). The XE comes packed with all the latest electronic goodies for the tech savvy consumer, including the InControl infotainment system with voice control, USB, iOS/Android connectivity, and streaming audio through the Meridian audio system.

The British car maker is excited about what 2015 has in store for the brand because they are coming off of 2014 with a 9% increase in sales over 2013. Another big reason Jaguar is excited about the debut of this car is the modular platform made of new high strength aluminum. “The XE is as strong and light as it could possibly be thanks to the exhaustive analysis and by bringing the latest engineering techniques to bear on its design. It has been challenging to accomplish but the XE structure is absolutely at the cutting edge of what is achievable today” (Mark White, Chief Technical Specialist- Jaguar).

With the roll out of the new diesel engines and the fuel efficient packages it’s just what Jaguar needs to compete in a highly contested market. They plan to introduce 12 new products in 2015 including 50 new products over the next five years….should be an exciting time to consider owning a new Jaguar.

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