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Jaguar shows off its latest gadgets at CES show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, NV this week was buzzing with excitement about the latest technology that was showcased in the Jaguar F-Type.

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James Bond always had the most cutting edge tools, technology, and super cool gadgets on him and especially in his cars. I’ve always wondered how long before we would have something like that in our daily drivers vehicle, well the time may have come. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is working on some high-tech monitors and sensors that will elevate the drivers experience to a whole new level.

JLR is working with Intel and a company called Seeing Machines on a new technology that monitors the driver’s face and reads eye movement in an attempt to help reduce distractions and sleepy driving. The company is showcasing their latest technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. They unveiled a Jaguar F-Type equipped with the new Driver Monitor System (DMS) developed along with JLR’s new R&D facility and Intel. Being able to sense eye and facial movements so that the system can detect when the driver has become inattentive or distracted.

Seeing Machine Vice President, Nick Langdale said “The algorithm we have developed for DMS has the potential to seamlessly enable a host of safety and autonomous driving features and reduce the potential for accidents caused by the driver not paying attention. DMS is unique because it is the only driver monitoring system that can achieve this even if the driver is wearing sunglasses, or in full sunshine”

The Jaguar F-Type prototype roadster was equipped with hardware based on the newest Intel™ i7 chips. Eliot Garbus (Vice President of Transportation Solutions at Intel) said “By choosing Intel chips to power their computer intensive technology Seeing Machines will be able to offer automakers like Jaguar Land Rover an enhanced experience for their customers in the future.”

This DMS system could also share information with the car’s other advanced onboard systems like the new next generation heads-up display that will make full use of the windscreen. When these high-tech systems are fully implemented together it should allow the driver to never remove their eyes from the road. The driver will have all the information needed to take their next road trip; road conditions, places of interest, nearby restaurants, traffic hazards, and even weather conditions. Any new technology that can warn the driver of potential road hazards and put the information in front of him or her without having to remove their eyes from the road while driving is an advantage. Giving the driver more information with less distractions is a huge move in the right direction.

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