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Jaguar plans to put blind spots in our rearview!

Could Jaguar bring in a new technology that will make blind spots a thing of the past for drivers? A new 360° view using screens embedded into the pillars of the car’s interior could give the driver a panoramic view.


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is about to turn the safety conscious geeks on their heads! They have developed some new technological advances that will improve the way we commute every day. Screens embedded into the A, B, and C side pillars of the car will virtually eliminate the dreaded blind spots that sometimes lead to accidents especially in highly congested urban areas. Use of live video streaming will enable the driver to see images from around the car on these screens.

This new technology is being dubbed “Virtual Urban Windscreen” and it projects whatever object is in the blind spot onto these screens giving the driver and passengers the ability to see what’s hidden. This will make driving into areas where there are lots of pedestrians safer and easier. Dr. Wolfgang Epple (Director of Research and Technology) said “Driving on city streets can be a stressful experience, but imagine being able to drive across town without having to look at road signs, or be distracted trying to locate a parking space”. Using video projection the active system turns your windshield into an informative display even with the ability to project a ghost car showing the driver which exit to take.

Utilizing Cloud internet the system will help drivers know the location and price of the nearest gas station or available nearby parking spots. Sounds like a fun filled multimedia experience that can make you a better and safer driver. Dr. Epple also stated the system is designed to “improve visibility and to give the driver the right information at the right time”.

No official word on when this technology will be released on a model being sold to the consumer, but indications are it could be in the very near future. One report said it would not be available on the new Jaguar XE but could be ready by 2019.