Jaguar Land Rover Just Drive Twitter

Jaguar says you can Tweet from your seat

Full Smartphone Integration is the goal for Jaguar as they announced this week a new JustDrive technology that will allow you to run most smartphone apps by voice command while driving.

Jaguar Land Rover pulled the covers off of a new technology that could just lead the way for the auto industry. This new system will build on the company’s new InControl infotainment platform and takes it a step further by allowing the occupants of the vehicle to control their phones apps by voice command. This hands-free operation will keep the driver safe from taking his or her eyes from the road. The JustDrive is software that is on the driver’s smartphone and connects with the vehicle via USB. While connected the phone and the vehicle will transmit data by USB and the Bluetooth link will relay the sound for calls and audio sources into the vehicle’s speakers.

The interface is shown on a split screen using the vehicles in-dash infotainment system. One side shows the map data and the other side displays shortcuts to some of the major functions of the JustDrive or the current audio source selected. The voice input function has a dedicate button at the bottom of the screen display. After touching this button, you can just speak “Text Dad” and then say what you want to text for example, “I’ll pick you up for lunch at 11:00 pm”. The driver can also say “Listen to John Mayer” to pull up and play his music from your phones’ storage.

You can also use the voice input to say “Navigate to Cool Springs Mall” to activate turn-by-turn directions. The ability to use your phones’ apps like Twitter, Yelp, or Trip Advisor allows you to choose a place to visit or eat and even check the ratings before you pull away from the rest stop.

The guys at enjoyed the simplified in-car interface and split screen. They got some hands on testing done at the LA Auto Show this week and were impressed. Even though they got to try the new system out, it will be early 2015 before the JustDrive and InControl systems will be available in the Jaguar and Land Rover lineup. The free app will be able to connect using both iOS and Android phones users.

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