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Jaguar going full EV on F-Pace

The all-new crossover from Jaguar named F-Pace is slated to go full-on electric and it could set the pace with a 300 miles range per charge.

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We reported back in November 2014 that Jaguar has filed for the trademark on the name “EV” and now the rumors are gaining ground. Jaguar first ever crossover has been confirmed and will arrive in the US by 2016, but now there is talk that it may be available in a full electric version. The Green or Eco-Friendly crossover could spell success for those looking for something more emission conscious.

Recent social media and forum talk has questioned why an SUV for Jaguar, saying that it may not be well suited to the marketing of the brand. Jaguar feels that releasing this all-new crossover into the high-volume segment is exactly the right move.

To help answer the question “why electric?” let’s look at a few facts: new Zero Emission Vehicle legislation recently introduced in California has also passed in seven other states, and more cities across the globe are considering “zero emission zones”. Both of these factors will most likely drive up the demand for electric vehicles. Whether you agree with these newer laws or not they are coming soon and may change the landscape of vehicles sold around the world.

Automakers have to begin their long term strategies and plans for how they will meet these new regulations and laws that also included the amount they will build. Each brand will have to build these zero emission vehicles (ZEV’s) to complex rules and regulations, but Jaguar may team up with Land Rover to help reduce overall cost.

In a related story, Apple is targeting an electric vehicle of its own. Reports are saying that they are already secretly working on an all-new electric vehicle and may have it ready for production by 2020. This news makes you wonder if the vehicles we drive are headed for a new electric age. Time will tell if Apple likes how the test teams and vehicle development progresses, but for now their focus is battery technology and robotics.

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