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How to dress your Jaguar XF for success!

Jaguar wants to match the sophisticated lifestyle you lead. The possibilities seem endless when you wrap yourself in luxury; Jaguar invites you to dress the XF the way you want.


The car you drive says a lot about what type of person you are and your lifestyle. Jaguar offers so many different colors for the exterior, choice of materials inside, and options for the way you want to furnish your new XF.

Let’s start with the ambient lighting inside; Jaguar sets the mood with the Phosphor Blue Halo lighting that illuminates the interior controls. The cabin becomes even more inviting as you slide into the rich and spacious interior that’s filled with comfort and quality. Jaguar says “Craftsmanship reigns supreme with form hugging seats, real wood veneers, piano black veneer, and aluminum surfaces – From the premium floor carpet and side trims to the polished stainless steel finishes, there is luxury throughout the XF.” Seat leather comes in six colors and three grades (bond grain, soft grain, and carbon soft grain), depending on the model you choose.

Once you get outside the XF, the options and choices don’t stop, the intelligent lighting is just where it begins. The HID bi-function xenon headlights are some of the best offered today and trimmed with crystal white daytime running LED’s it gives you a distinctive style that’s sleek and sexy. The aerodynamic contours of the body-lines match the boldness and performance that lies under the hood.

Speaking of performance, how will you choose to equip the power plant in your new XF? The selection can parallel your attitude with multiple choices: XF i4 (2.0 liter) at 240HP, XF V6 SC (3.0 liter) at 340HP, XF V6 SC AWD (3.0 liter) at 340HP, XFR (5.0 liter) Supercharged at 510HP, or the mighty XFR-S (5.0 liter) Supercharged at 550HP. So you have to ask yourself if you are ready to ride in luxury with exceptional fuel economy or jaw-dropping performance. The XF i4 inter-cooled turbo with 240 horsepower can still deliver an est. 30 Hwy MPG! And even though the top line XFR-S drops to an est. 23 Hwy MPG, if you are in a more spirited mood, it will scamper from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph!

Lastly how will you wrap your new XF? Jaguar says “from Polaris White to Caviar, from the race inspired colors of Italian Racing Red to British Racing Green, Jaguar offers an outstanding paint spectrum to bring your XF alive – With numerous color choices in either standard or metallic finishes, this is the opportunity to make it your XF.” I’d have to say the French Racing Blue would be my favorite and it looks like that color is only available on the XFR-S model and that’s the one I want anyway!

There Are so many catch phrases like; don’t judge a book by its cover and it’s more about the inner beauty, but I have to say that Jaguar is breaking the rules on the XF by building a car that possesses both a cover to die for and inner elegance that is stunning. So, how will you dress your new XF to match the lifestyle reflected by you?

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