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Classic showcase, 1973 Jaguar XKE Series 3 Roadster

Most cars from the early 70’s were not that sought after, but that’s not the case for the 1973 XKE from Jaguar. This V12 Roadster was ahead of its time and still looks good beside today’s cars.

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Let’s take a look at the 1973 Jaguar XKE and see why it was so special. For starters it was offered with the new 5.3 liter (V12) engine pushing 360 horsepower. The FHC (short wheel base) model was discontinued, the OTS (Open two-seater) and the 2+2 Coupe were equipped with the V12. The very identifiable larger grille and flared wheel arches make the Series 3 easily recognizable. The clean lines and classic curves of this roadster will stir up passion in even a non-car guy.

The XKEs are some of the most sought after classic cars on the road today. The analog gauges and manual rocker switches are classic 70’s and are part of the lure of the iconic British sports cars. As my dad used to say, they just don’t make them like that anymore. The V12 engine sounds like a finely tuned machine and key to the allure of this classic Jaguar sports car.

Jay Leno says the prices of these cars are still very affordable compared to the Aston Martin, and recommends that they be snatched up now while still underpriced. However, this car was produced during a bad time for the British auto industry and quickly became widely known for their horrible reputation for reliability. When a new car is stricken with mechanical problems immediately from the factory it’s hard to overcome these issues. But with all that said, Hagerty says “A Series 3 E-Type does, however, get you into top down V12 motoring for about 10% the cost of a Ferrari”.

After hearing the words of wisdom from Leno and Hagerty, it makes me want to start searching for a nice clean 1973 XKE. Hagerty lists the average value of the 2+2 Coupe at just over $35,000 and the Convertible at just over $70,000. The coupe appears to be steady with not much increase in the trend; however, the convertible is trending upward nicely. Compared to the open top sports cars today, a classic Jaguar E-Type might just be a good investment that could turn a nice profit if the trend continues.

You have to ask yourself, why wouldn’t I buy one if the price was right?

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