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Lucid Announces Free Charging Partnership With Electrify Canada

Lucid announces a similar deal to its Electrify America partnership for new Canadian customers, plus check out the Lucid Air's latest TV appearance.

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Lucid Motors has announced a partnership with Electrify Canada to provide two years of free charging at the charging network's stations on all Lucid Air orders placed by June 30th 2022. That's the same cutoff date as the offer giving US customers free charging with Electrify America, but that deal provides three years of charging instead. Canadian Lucid owners are only liable to pay fees when they leave their cars parked at the charger after they've finished recharging.

Electrify Canada
Like its sister network to the south, Electrify Canada is a partnership with the Volkswagen Group and offers residential EV chargers in addition to its public EV charging stations. Each public location features 150kW and 350 kW CCS and CHAdeMO chargers, meaning that Canadian Lucid customers will be able to add 350 km of range in a swift 15-minute session.

Electrify Canada currently operates 32 chargers in locations across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec with plans to bump that number to over 100 locations and 500 individual chargers by the end of 2025. Looking at Electrify Canada's location map it's clear that the offer won't be much good to anyone living in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or the Maritime provinces even with the Air's record-breaking range.

Electrify Canada's infrastructure is a far cry from Electrify America's 731 active charging locations, but it's worth bearing in mind that more than 90% of Canadians live within 150 miles of the US border. Whether the Canadian offer will be extended remains to be seen, as the American version was originally launched as a one-year extra before being increased to three.

Image showing a map with the locations of Electrify Canada public chargers across Canada.

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Lucid's Latest TV Spot
In other Lucid news, the company debuted a new commercial during last night's rather eventful Oscars broadcast. Featuring the tagline "It's not beginner's luck, it's just the beginning," the ad shows off an Air wearing Zenith Red paint and plays to Lucid's first effort being almost universally praised by media and reviewers. Here it is:

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Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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