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A week in the life of Acura MDX (Video)

Drive review's an interesting pursuit, and Honda, Acura Division is second to none in providing us with the opportunity to review and report on their latest offerings in an ever-evolving, mostly manufactured in North America line up. Acura MDX is one of our favorite subjects.


Flying out of Eugene, Oregon can be an arduous task depending on one's destination. You won't find many direct flights to Midwest or East Cost U.S. destinations, from this otherwise fantastic, smallish, yet modern airport.

Departure time for most long distant trips with reasonable arrival time is 5:30 am, not our favorite time of morning to take flight. Yet, as you view the MDX slide-show presentation, note the scenic beauty afforded Western Oregon residents as they lift off from Oregon's second largest city.

2016 Acura MDX is everything promised and more

As reported earlier by Torque News, 2016 MDX carries forward the refinement, mechanical reliability and fuel efficiency of Acura's best selling premium SUV. Actually, MDX is the best selling premium midsize SUV in North America, the reasons are many. You may read our latest MDX review here.

We like MDX for sport-like agile handling, engine performance, interior utility,comfort and truck-like toughness. Priced thousands bellow comparable domestic manufactured SUVs, when looking to the $ bottom line we rate 2016 MDX, of any drive-line or trim variant, to be an exceptional lease or purchase value.

Torque News drives 2015 MDX to Sedona, Arizona

And then, we conduct a drive review of a factory fresh 2016 MDX 9 sp-SH-AWD Advance through Western Oregon. Good times for this Acura fan! Enjoy our first attempt at video, slide-show production, a bit rough around the edges, but fun... Cheers!