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Ultimate Street Fighter Acura NSX comes to 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas

For NSX fans with an unlimited toy budget, this is what your Acura NSX would look and drive like. Acura and Chandler Arizona custom car builder and specialty parts facilitator ScienceofSpeed come together at SEMA Show Las Vegas with the ultimate NSX street fighter.

And with that money, more money! Acura NSX and Honda S2000 specialty aftermarket performance parts source ScienceofSpeed comes to 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas with a GT3 car inspired, ultra custom, yet very drivable, 2nd generation Acura NSX supercar. What's very cool about this build, is that everything you view in the headline photo above is doable, street legal, and limited only by imagination and the size of your wallet.

ScienceofSpeed takes NSX supercar to the next level in function and performance

I count myself as one of the fortunate few that's experienced 2017 Acura NSX on the track and street. As it sits in stock trim, Acura NSX is in-your-face thought provoking, comfortable to drive, and adrenaline, heart pumping quick, when called on to sprint. Yet, as quiet as a newborn kitten in electric-only stealth mode.

Nonetheless, as in all things sports car, there comes the possibility of increased speed, agility, and handling through personal customization and engine, drivetrain modification. Such is the case with ScienceofSpeed’s 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas Dream Acura NSX project. For me, one small facet of the build answers my nagging helmet to head liner clearance issue with the change out of NSX’s leather and Alcantara fabric covered seat.

Other mods in this build include, engine intake, liquid injected intercooling, exhaust, wheels, carbon fiber Aero-kit derived lowers, and panel change outs, that result in an overall reduction of sprung and unsprung weight, as well as an increase in horsepower (610+37) and torque (507 lb-ft +31) I get sore thinking about it. How much did the build cost? The crew at ScienceofSpeed is not saying.

What’s cool about this ultimate NSX build for me

I appreciate the black and Nouvelle Blue Pearl paint theme, and the fact that the factory NSX remains largely unmolested. There’s also a very cool practical aspect of two to this build, including an auto-lift driveway transition feature. Check out the specifications here. The NSX dream project is attainable NSX street performance personified. You can view this and other Acura, Honda firsts at SEMA’s aftershow. Find your discount ticket code here.