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HPD, Honda Civic Type-R News for 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas

Honda Performance Development, and Honda Power Sports announces a first for Civic Type-R enthusiasts, with other news from 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas.


2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas: Honda, the world’s largest manufacturer of on and off road motorcycles, as well as the premier power source for everything racing in the U.S. and around the globe, comes to Las Vegas with a first or two for the anticipated 60,000 automotive trade professionals attending the world’s largest Specialty Equipment Marketing Association extravaganza. I drove to SEMA in 2016 behind the wheel of Honda’s best selling family hauler.

SEMA Las Vegas is the epicenter of automotive innovation and aftermarket

Despite recent events in Las Vegas, SEMA Show is anticipated to be as busy as ever, as inventors, aftermarket parts manufacturers, engine performance exhibits, tire manufacturer's and your friendly neighborhood Napa parts store owner converge on the Las Vegas Convention Center and key location hotel lobby and parking lots for SEMA related events.

For 2017, American Honda presents an expanded lineup of on and off road motorcycles, including the reinvented 2018 Honda Goldwing. On the HPD side of Honda, you'll find Art St Cyr and company on site with a first time offering for Honda racing participants. The exceptional high output 2.0 L, turbocharged VTEC Type-R engine is now be available through HPD as a crate engine to grass root and professional race teams in the U.S.. Price, $6519.87, excluding shipping and applicable sales tax. Torque News experienced the 306 horsepower 2017 Civic Type-R on the Avenue of the Giants, exceptional!

An extensive display of HPD racing and innovation at SEMA Show Las Vegas

From Honda powered Shifter Kart, to jumping, high flying Civics, Pirelli World Challenge and Baja Ridgeline, Honda Performance comes out in full force for SEMA. Although 2017 SEMA Show Las Vegas is in effect an auto industry trade show, SEMA throws an afterparty for the street racing, off-road truck and custom auto enthusiasts. Here you will discover a mind boggling display of on and off road racing, truck, car, and van modification, custom motorcycles, give yourself a full day to view the innovation and auto art that is SEMA Show Las Vegas, you’ll need it. You will find more information on HPD’s crate engine programs here.

Find a discount ticket code for the 2017 SEMA Show after party here.