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Honda’s tight lipped on 2016 HR-V North America release date

Yeah, we know. The Australian Press has already written less than glowing reviews of the HR-V as to off-road and aggressive-drive road handling. We’re pretty darn sure mud-bogging isn't what Honda has in mind for 2016 HR-V. As to a U.S. market release date...

Last year readers expressed high expectations as to 2016 HR-V; but it wasn’t due to Honda’s latest crossover’s off-road capabilities. With maybe 7+ inches of ground clearance, you’re not going to be climbing rocks or claiming Baja 1,000 class victories with HR-V. Based on the Honda Fit world-car platform, HR-V is Fit, with an interior, exterior styling injection and AWD thrown in for good measure; nice looking!

That’s what Torque News believes is Honda’s intended purpose for 2016 HR-V

A good looking, transformable, urbane-shopping-assault vehicle with foul weather capabilities. Simply put, 2016 Honda HR-V is an exceptionally good looking 5 door hatchback. Featuring a sports-coupe-like interior, wide track stance, relatively low body profile and roofline, while sporting more horsepower and torque than 2015 Honda Fit; HR-V expands Honda’s portal-vehicle demographic without breaking the bank.
Is it better than the competition? We've yet to identify a like for like competitor.

Honda center fuel tank design preserves 2nd row “magic seat” transformability

While we’re (not yet) convinced that 2016 HR-V will be Honda’s next best seller, we do like what we've seen of HR-V to date. The Los Angeles Auto Show crowd loved HR-V. It’s a little tough to categorize Honda’s newest crossover. As American Honda’s v.p and g.m. Jeff Conrad stated in L.A.: ‘There’s nothing else like 2016 HR-V on the road today’, or something along those lines; looking at the competition, most seeing HR-V for the first time agree.

Best fuel economy in class

That’s a start. We won’t quote EPA, MPG again for fear of being attacked by a Honda-Statistician or two, O.K., you can read it here. Setting exceptional fuel economy aside, one would be hard pressed to find a better looking offering, sporting the standard features of 2016 HR-V for under $30,000.

We have no idea as to U.S. dealership release date, price or final specifications; we’re not in Japan, or Australia. HR-V may be similar in specification, Honda’s not saying!

Price prediction: Somewhere south of $20,000 for the base trimmed front wheel HR-V and $28,500-ish (Guesstimate) for a well equipped AWD HR-V with Tech; but, we’ll have to wait a few days before we have the hard price, specifications and release date in hand.

Torque News is reporting from Miami, Florida this week with breaking 2016 HR-V news and photos. As to the 2016 Honda HR-V release date, you’ll know when we know

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Availability of Honda HR-V - WHEN, and is it worth it?
Looks like May 2015. And yes, it's worth serious consideration.
When? Will it be worth waiting for? I am a long time Honda driver and I haven't been disappointed so far.
Please let me know when the HR-V will be in the dealers for sale. Thanks!
Welcome Evelyn. Our Honda press embargo ends last day in April. generally the embargo is timed with dealership release. Should be sometime in May.
Please let me know when the AWD HR-V will be in the dealers for sale, thanks.
Welcome Evgenia.Should arrive sometime in May based on our end of April press embargo. We'll keep you posted as to Honda schedule updates.
Does anyone have confirmation of an end of April Release date?
I was told it would not be out until October! Pleas let me know if it will be released throughout u the US or just in certain states first?
Honda's own website states Spring 2015, so I highly doubt an October release date. Best evidence points towards sometime between end of April and beginning of June. Wide gap I know but a lot closer than October.
Welcome C. We spoke with American Honda Monday. According to our source, production is on schedule and should find HR-V to market in late spring as promised. Wishing you trouble free, safe driving.
Well, I give up waiting for this with all of Honda's inability to give useful information - such as delivery date and cost. Starting tonight, I'll be looking at other vehicles.
Hello Shayna. While I more than understand your frustration, I believe that after driving HR-V, knowing the MSRP and looking to the competition(none in all-wheel-drive) this 5 door hatchback is worth the wait. Best of luck in your search.
Will the Honda Graduate Bonus be offered on this vehicle? I have worked my butt off for my Masters Degree and my faithful '97 Acura is holding out the best she can until the HR-V is released. The AWD is a necessity for me (I live in the Midwest). From what I am hearing it sounds like it will still be in my price range, but any assistance (like the bonus) will GREATLY help me!
Welcome J. That detail will be released next week by American Honda Motors. The HR-V is due in dealers beginning the week of May 15. Congratulations on earning your Master's Degree. Let us know how it goes.