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Acura NSX Vs Toyota Supra FT-1 in late 2015

The writing’s on the wall when it comes to 2016 Acura NSX and Toyota Supra FT-I concept. Both makers will take track tested gasoline/electric hybrid technology to the street in the Supercar category. Who will get there first?

Walking through the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show one couldn't pass the Toyota pavilion without drooling a bit. We were there for the world premier of Acura’s next generation ILX. Nonetheless, this car guy tends to drift toward motorsports; and Toyota had a concept or two on the floor.

I’d been asked by fellow Torque News writer John Goreham for a photo or two of the 2016 Toyota FT-1 concept car; if I came across it on the million square foot floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Well, you couldn’t miss it John. In all its F-I race inspired glory, this future Supra hybrid 2 place visually melts in your mouth like fine imported Belgium Chocolate. It pushes the outer limits of imagination as to the application of drivable car-art.

The 2016 Acura NSX production model will be introduced In Detroit, January,12, 2015; yeh, next week; and, is scheduled for dealership delivery mid to late 2015. As earlier reported by Torque News, the Brit’s have sold-out their made in Ohio NSX allotment as the world lines up to purchase Acura’s next generation gasoline/electric hybrid supercar.

$100,000, 450 to 500 horsepower, tons of torque; Acura will be first to the street in the NSX Vs Supra FT-1 contest.

While our competition is comparing NSX to BMW, Ferrari and Porsche, We’ve defaulted to Honda’s nemesis Toyota. Our reasoning is logical: Both makers will hit the sweet spot as to attainability(price)and reliable racing-street performance. Both vehicles employ hybrid technology to bring exceptional and(hopefully)reliable performance to a Supercar segment that could benefit from a new and exciting entry portal car.

The automotive press is hyping Supra F-1 for late 2015. Our friends at Acura tell us that NSX should be in showrooms before then. Our money’s on Acura.

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quand la sortie de la Toyota supra v4 ou v6 et quel prix canadien $$$$ s.v.p merci
i would like to known when the new Toyota supra exit with what motor v4 or v6 and the price canadian please...
Good day Norman. We do know that the new Supra will be powered by a turbocharged inline 4 cylinder engine developed by BMW. I have no price and availability information at this time. Tank you.
do you have receive news of the Toyota supra new with what motor and price canadian... thanks