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2016 Acura NSX to surpass all performance expectations

For those of us that have waited the better part of a decade for the release of Acura’s newest NSX Supercar, last week's teaser photo is just the latest in a long series. 2016 Acura NSX when produced will surpass all performance expectations.

We know it’s eventually going to happen: Sitting on the Highway in stop and go work day traffic, most likely in Los Angeles, Detroit or in the case of 2016 Acura NSX, Marysville, Ohio, we’ll be blown out of the far left lane by a now too familiar ghost of sorts.

Last year we caught the unveiling of the latest Acura NSX concept at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show as reported by Torque News and others. Loved it, as we will the first production model NSX to be presented in a decade at Detroit, January 2015. According to Acura, NSX should be coming to selected Acura dealerships by mid year 2015 as a 2016 model. I’ll take the cautious wait and see approach and will know more as to price, specifications and release date January 14..

What we do know: Pre-orders of the Ohio build Acura NSX are sold out in the U.K.. With favorable exchange rates, this formidable Porsche and Ferrari slaying gasoline/electric hybrid is a non compromising performance bargain, hand built and very limited. The first year addition Acura NSX will be a long awaited collector’s car on release, priced $10 s of thousands below the competition at a reported $125,000 or so; well bellow the Audi 8 and in line with the top trim Porsche 911.

Looking to HPD, Honda and Acura race development and the latest generation of EarthDeams ™ technology direct injected i-VTEC turbocharged V6 gasoline fueled engines, while we’re not privy to the Liter dimensions of the heart of NSX, we do know that a primary engine(midship, rear wheel drive) will work in unison with an automated race bred dual clutched transmission as found in this car. We’ve read unsubstantiated guesstimates of 500+ horsepower and 600 ft-lb torque for the 2600 lb 2016 NSX. If true, NSX will be a true Supercar in the Acura tradition.

With a primary transmission integrated regenerative electric motor as found in this Honda and(2) individual high torque electric motors slaved to the secondary,front drive wheels of NSX, combined horsepower and torque will approach best in class, thus allowing real time all wheel drive-like handling through “torque vectoring” as demanded by ever changing road and track driving conditions.

The end result of this track tested application will be a world class Supercar with unprecedented relative fuel efficiency, low emissions and exceptional weight to power ratio. And(hopefully) bullet-proof Honda, Acura mechanical and support systems reliability. Acura promises limited availability and relative affordability, the makings of a collector's car. It will be interesting to see what targeted production volume will be and where the price point lands for North America.


Parks McCants    December 24, 2014 - 5:16PM

In reply to by Jay (not verified)

How you doing Jay? Happy Holidays to ya. Seriously Bro, Apples to Oranges. NS at the end of the first generation approached 290 hp and 224 ft-lb torque. Weighing in at 3,000 lbs, its power to weight ratio was serious. However, I don't believe it was referred to as a Supercar in 2002. As to the Marauder? sweeeet, ya killin' me.

Ocean Zhang (not verified)    January 6, 2015 - 4:57PM

I'm crossing my fingers this will be a 4-seater, but I doubt it. I'll find out Jan 12. But if it is a 4-seater, I'm taking my name off the BMW i8 waitlist and getting the NSX.

If only wife and kid can both sit in front seat :(

Parks McCants    January 6, 2015 - 8:03PM

In reply to by Ocean Zhang (not verified)

Welcome Ocean. No, in the case of NSX the engine is positioned mid-ship behind the driver's seat. You'll have to purchase this superbly engineered Supercar just for you. May 2015 be a successful year for you and Grape Solar. Thanks for reading.