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60,000 new buyers propel Honda to yet another record sales month

Despite a seasonal “cool down” experienced in the auto industry following the holidays and “ year end” clearance sales, American Honda Motors is reporting yet another record sales month.
We take a look at what’s bringing 60,000 news buyers a month to the mark.

John Mendel of Honda tells us that Accord, Civic and CR-V continue to bring more than 20,000 “new” buyers a month to the brand. He sights affordable quality as to the reason behind Honda’s success in an ever- adjusting market.

We agree. But let’s take a closer look at what’s happening at the dealer side, as well as R&D and how the combination of “dealership incentives,” purchase price transparency, affordable “ standard features” and a multi-generational reputation for quality has propelled the brand to #1 in several automotive categories.

Looking to the numbers:

American Honda Motors recorded a total of 100,405 units sold in February. This number includes sales in the struggling Acura line. Although the MDX reports record sales month over month, the performance sedan side of Honda’s “top line” continues to struggle; as Acura fans and future owners remain on the fence in wait of the much touted RLX Sport Hybrid and TLX luxury performance sedan.

What’s really driving Honda’s growth is the award winning Honda Accord, Civic in several variants and the CR-V. While Honda doesn't release sale numbers for individual variants ( trim and performance combinations,) we do know that the 2013 Accord was the # 1 selling midsize sedan in North America. And that the 2014 Accord Hybrid has unseated Toyota Prius as the #1 Hybrid in North America.

When closely comparing the Accord to the Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry and others, we find that dollar for dollar, Honda provides more standard features than its closest competitor at a lower price point.

Add to the cache the K.B.B. higher resale and “best value” award for an automobile priced under $ 25,000; quality and multiple year safety awards; Honda becomes a logical purchase decision for most cost conscious consumers. *Honda is currently offering an exceptional lease incentive here.

The same holds true for Civic; the top selling subcompact in North America. Sold in the U.S and Canada since 1973, the Honda Civic is a household name in North America and is often passed down from one generation to the next.

It is as American as Chevrolet. With a base suggested msrp of $18,300 + tax and destination charges, the Civic can move 4 adults( they claim 5) down the road in relative affordable comfort. And do so at a stated 39 mpg / highway.

The success of the Civic in North America is its generation-bridging wide appeal. From entry level sedan and coupe to the highly coveted Si, there is a Civic model for everyone.You can take a look at our favorite Civic Si here. You can find a special lease incentive here.

Bringing up the rear is the Honda CR-V. The CR-V was North America’s top selling small SUV for 2013 and continues the trend in 2014. The reason for its success lies in it’s reputation for solid reliability, good fuel economy and high resale value.

What we like about the CR-V merits its own article. You can find it here. Like all Honda’s the CR-V has grown a bit bit through updated safety features and consumer mandated refinements.

The flexibility of utility offered by the CR-V is top of class and has been recognized as a top value by K.B.B. and others. With a stated mpg of 23 city/ 31 highway, the CR-V wins best in class for fuel efficiency, real-time all wheel drive and offers ample power through a 185 h.p. dohc i-VTEC 16 valve 4 cylinder engine.

You can read more about the CR-V here. *As to dealership incentives we find a $219 per month lease deal available for well qualified lessees.

In closing, we discover that a combination of “standard” base car value, time tested engineered- in quality and a tradition of long term dependability has paid off for Honda in a multi-generational loyalty to the brand.

Much like the Ford and Chevy of yesterday, the Honda loyal continue to purchase Honda in record numbers because there has always been one in the family and they work very well.

Honda’s future is bright with the continued evolution and expansion of Hybrid “ Electro Motive” technology throughout the line.

We look forward to the release of the 2015 Fit, Fit Hybrid and Vezel crossover Hybrid midyear 2014, where the story of Honda will continue.

* Total sales of 88,860.