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2016 Honda Coupe rolls out with unique color pallet

The first time I viewed 2016 Honda Coupe in photos, I didn’t like it. Honda’s newest coupe seemed just a bit unbalanced to me. Turns out the design is just a bit color sensitive.

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I like a coupe design if and when properly executed. A car's exterior color has much to do with the perception of "balance' of design, as demonstrated in the major refresh of the 2016 Honda Accord Touring.

Today, a cars body styling and the inevitable crash-test-resulting reduction of impact-zone overhang, presents a unique challenge for the design team, while impacting the visual balance of the car. This challenge often results in a nose heavy, compacted rear coupe design.

2016 Honda Civic is color sensitive

This first time I viewed 2016 Civic Coupe in photos I deemed the car's design to be a bit imbalanced. Dressed in a dark Aegean metallic blue, the 10th generation Civic looked stubby to me. And following my experience with the 2016 Civic Sedan in Malibu, California, unbalanced.

I’d made this color sensitivity observation earlier when viewing the Civic based ILX. My art background rewound my brain’s hard drive to the realization that what we see in a car’s color is the reflection of light off of that specific color, with darker colors accentuating body line and curve, and lighter colors softening the image and dimension of the subject.

The same phenomena holds true for the human form as we change pant or shirt colors. It’s that “I look fat in white pants” syndrome.

In person Honda Civic Coupe visually kills it

The next day, although dressed in the same dark blue, walking around 2016 Civic Coupe Touring on the Honda Stage of the Los Angeles Auto Show, I came to appreciate Honda’s latest coupe under a whole new light. Sitting in the coupe sealed the deal. In speaking with Honda Engineers, it was shared with me that great care was exercised in the filming of Civic Coupe, a tough visual to capture in a shot or two.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe earns its own color palette

I don’t know where or how he secured it, but our friend Hondapro Jason tapped one of his Honda dealership connections for a 2016 Honda Civic Coupe order form. The coupe has earned its own color chart, including the 2016 Civic Concept Car Green.

In other news

Thanks to CivicX.Com member Kiru Nadisi, we have a short video capture of a pre-production 2016 Civic Coupe Touring driving on the highway in Torronto Canada. Enjoy!

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