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2016 Acura MDX shares inovative technology with NSX supercar

This week finds your’s truly visiting the birthplace of 2017 NSX in Marysville, Ohio -- 2016 Acura MDX was sitting there waiting for me. What innovative technology does 2016 Acura MDX share with NSX?


A fresh Forest Mist Metallic, on Ebony Leather, 2016 Acura MDX with Advance, just picked me up at the airport, I love it -- But that’s the short story.

You that follow my column(thank you) already know that 2016 Acura MDX Advance, featuring SH-AWD,(super handling all wheel drive) is not only the # 1 selling premium 3-row SUV in North America, but arguably the most advanced SUV on several fronts. Besides, I love the posh MDX premium ride.

Great -- what does Acura MDX have in common with 2017 NSX hybrid supercar?

Torque Vectoring SH-AWD: Although MDX and NSX achieve torque vectoring SH-AWD through different methods of energy-torque-transfer, instantaneously targeting the wheels where and when it’s needed the most, both vehicles utilize SH-AWD to optimize traction in all weather and surface conditions.

2017 NSX hybrid supercar takes SH-AWD to the next level through the employment of 2 electric motors --it has 3. When combined with Acura’s 3.5 liter twin-turbo direct injected V6, this hybrid gasoline/electric supercar enables a driving experience generally reserved for the rarified world of international Grand Prix racing, or supercars with MSRP approaching 7-figures. You can build your own 2017 Acura NSX here.

In the case of 2016 MDX: SH-AWD is hydraulically activated via sensors that detect traction loss through tire slippage -- most often detected and corrected before the MDX driver notices any break in traction.

Although not as dramatically dynamic as electric motor driven torque vectoring, MDX driving dynamic is exponentially enhanced through SH-AWD -- and equally as effective in ensuring greater tractional control and tighter cornering drive dynamic as 2017 NSX is -- for most driver's anyway. According to Acura engineering, 2017 NSX comes off the factory floor race-ready; Acura MDX doesn't.

3.5 LIter direct injected VTEC V6 and super-low -emission standards

At the heart of MDX and NSX sits a mechanically bulletproof 3.5 Liter aluminum block and head, direct injected VTEC V6. This is the same block you’ll find running the track in Acura TLX-GT, and the Ridgeline Baja Race Truck. In the case of NSX, horsepower and torque is increased a bit through twin turbochargers, multiple inner coolers, electronic wastegates, and other computer controlled technical wizardry. We get up close and personal with NSX in Los Angeles.

Passive safety structure

Both Acura MDX and NSX supercar utilize advanced ACE ™, or mixed metal composition Rigid Body Structures, that not only increase frame rigidity and reduce road to cab noise, but effectively deflect accident impact, thus reducing the possibility of driver, passenger injury.

Active safety features, personal electronic connectivity

You may be surprised to discover that your next Acura MDX SUV($43,015 to $57,230) shares many of the same or similar active safety and convenience features -- with the $158,000 to $212,000 Acura NSX supercar.

High output, fuel efficient 3.5 Liter V6, 9-speed sequential shift transmission, IDS (Integrated Dynamics ™ ) drive mode selection, enhanced steering feel, Jewel Eye ™ LED headlamps, muti-view rear camera, lane-keep assist, next generation Acuralink ™ with real-time traffic, frontal and side collision avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, voice command personal electronic connectivity, navigation and more.

On March 17th we’ll reveal what we witnessed in Marysville. The “mostly” hand assembled 2017 NSX supercar is like no other performance offering on the market today. For now, I’ll take satisfaction in riding in the Acura of premium 3-row SUVs back to the airport.