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2017 Acura NSX Online Build Tool: I’ll take mine in ‘Nord Grey Metallic'

Acura just made personalizing your 2017 Acura NSX build easy. And you can explore the possibilities without ever stepping into a dealership showroom.


For most, the new car buying experience begins with online research, not always a seamless, easy path to the manufacturer’s online build tool. With the arrival of 2017 Acura NSX Supercar, comes the easy and fun to use virtual NSX build tool. We build our NSX to exacting personal specifications.

As of February 25, 2016 you can virtually build your 2017 NSX online

Acura just created arguably the easiest to use personalized and savable “build tool" in automotive history; it featuring a personalized options tool, pricing and specifications guide, all available at the click of your mouse or a tap of the touch pad. It’s fast, high definition virtual reality. For you real players, a link to a local dealership consultant is made available.

I’ll take mine in “Nord Gray Metallic” please

So, rather you intend to purchase Acura’s gasoline/electric hybrid answer to your “need for speed,” or simply wish to dream in living color -- as to what your tech rich, turbocharged, electric torque vectoring supercar would look like, here’s you opportunity to get up close and personal with 2017 Acura NSX.

With your choice of color combinations, interior features, brake, wheel combinations, Aero Kit, carbon fiber body components, and interior carbon fiber accents, your very personalized and unique NSX is but a mouse click away.

Create an account, build up to 10 NSX supercars, save and share

Well why not? I’ve always said, “if you’re going to dream, dream big!” That’s precisely what Acura wishes you to do here. As to my personalized 2017 Acura NSX: After initially choosing an optional exterior color, interior color-power seat combination, adding body aero-effects, a smattering of carbon fiber here and there, upgrading to ceramic rotors, installing custom wheels, a tail wing, and carbon fiber top with built in receiver antenna, I took a deep breath and backed away from my monitor. The MSRP kept climbing.

What’s a great car without great sounds?

Then I upgrading to an E.L.S. premium sound and infotainment system, installed illuminated door kickers, a cargo mat, net and battery charging kit. looking to the headliner, I opted to upgrade that as well -- to a material I’d never heard of. But then again, it was going to insulate and cover the interior side of a $6,000 carbon fiber top. No worries! my estimated MSRP including destination charges topped $212,000.

I’d created the ultimate excuse for extended drive time, now how was I going to pay for it?

O.K., arguably there are many high performance cars to chose from in the $200,000 + price range. However, 2017 Acura NSX is a very unique car with performance and technical assets proprietary to Acura. And frankly, there’s nothing else quite like NSX hybrid supercar in this price range -- the competition is much more expensive, and from where I sit, rarer than hen’s teeth.

Argue as you may, 2017 Acura NSX may very well be a measurable long-term value in a rarefied world of collectors-only supercars. You may catch full 2017 Acura NSX specifications and MSRP estimates here.