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2015 Acura TLX sets new benchmark for mid level sport luxury performance

A tall order but Acura engineering has achieved something that automotive manufacturers can only hope to achieve. They’ve set the new manufacturing benchmark for a very competitive automotive segment. The 2015 TLX will change the way you perceive economy driven fuel economy, luxury and performance.

the fact or condition of standing out from something by physically projecting or being particularly noticeable.

Acura engineering has manifested in the form of the 2015 TLX Sport Sedan what most automotive manufactures only inspire to do. They’ve produced a quality, financially attainable, sports performing, user friendly automotive transformer. Offered in several variants, including a top of the segment(all-new) 3.5 Liter V6 powered performance sedan, TLX takes tech-driven performance to a new level, while establishing a fuel efficiency, drive-performance and safety benchmark for the segment.

No manufacturer in the segment can match or exceed 2015 TLX performance at this price point.

Acura, through TLX offers an exceptional road-handling midsize Sport Sedan that we believe will perform as well on the twisties as many European sport coupes, while providing the interior comfort and quiet of a luxury sedan. And, has done so while establishing a beginning MSRP slightly higher than the top of the line 2014 Honda Accord.

We can’t say enough about Acura’s newest offering. We believe that based on the specifications, this performance sport sedan will change the way our readers and world-car manufacturers perceive and measure driving performance, while supporting low emission levels and exceptional fuel economy; through extreme form meets function and safety driven automotive design.

While we can’t comment on our driving experience until next week, we'll state the following with strong conviction: We find no compromise of quality evident in our close review of the 2015 TLX and look excitedly forward to reporting on the driving attributes of Acura’s game changer. This car will be contagiously spirited.

Designed, supplied and built in America, Acura TLX furthers Honda Motors and Acura Division’s intent to return the mark to North American prominence in all segments. While Acura TLX may not do everything for everyone, what it will do, it will do exceptionally well. We believe that Acura has hit a homerun in designing the TLX. Stay tuned for daily updates as we present to our readers the car that will return Acura to segment dominance; the Acura 2015 TLX.

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What can I say? The botom line... Fun,fast,fuel efficient, good looking, comfortable and safe. Great color combinations, the best seating in the class.
Its also not able to compete with any other cars period. Look how boring and 1999 it is compared to Lexus IS, ES and RC, Cadillac ATS and even the accord. Its years behind.
Wind tunnel testing: This car has the lowest drag coefficient in its class. My photo sucks. In person the lines apsolutely work. Performance? steller. While it may not be as dramatic or flashy as some of the competition, in person the car does capture the immagination. Accord? Yeh.. nice car.
@lol-its-pathetic - that's your opinion. At its price, it's thousands less than the Lexus ES and probably over $10k less similarly equipped than an IS350 AWD and is roomier. The fact that it's being compared to that car probably speaks volumes about it's driving character. Heck even the outgoing TL SH-AWD has gotten huge praise for how it drives. You might think it's boring, perhaps because it doesn't have a weird face like the IS or RC, but I see it as a cleanly styled car with sharp styling. It's years ahead.
I agree Kap. Price alone will kick the TLX into a top sales position. The fit and finish, contrasting color combinations and exterior styling kicks butt in person. looking for a positive drive review on Monday.
The reduced beak front end is very attractive to those of us who aren't fans of the aging orangutan jowls so popular in the competition with the exception of MB.
Acura has always been spot on with their new roll outs, its something they do not rush and this new TLX proves that. Im looking forward to ordering a 2016, after I retire my 08' TL. This car currently has 237,000 miles and has been the best driver i've ever owned. Shooting for 300,000+ miles. I hope when you report on the driveability of the TLX, that you mention the P-AWS and your opionion of its reliability. Thank you.
Will do Michael.. Thanks.
Besides the top quality fit and finish the TLX presents, it maintains a super clean look. Unlike like all the bling that Lexus and Cadillac likes to glue onto their rides. Its a sharp car that doesnt scream look at me. And yes value wise, this will be top seller for Acura.
My wife and I looked at and drove a large number of auto's, a painful process. To my surprise and delight she choose the 4 cyl TLX with the tech package. For the past 3 years she has been driving a C-class and if I was dumb enough to make a prediction, I thought she would select either a new C class (2014) or the new 3 Series BMW. We drove the TLX twice, first the 6 cyl and then the 4 cyl. As I said she liked the TLX and we now have 1 on order. Before I get beat up by those who believe neither the C Class nor the BMW can compare to the TLX. I can only say that after driving those (as well as the A4 and Q-40) my wife chose the TLX and frankly I agree (not because I am totally whipped). The TLX is a nice package and ride and we liked it. You can nit pick any car and I have over the years but the TLX was our choice.