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2015 Acura RDX an evolving statement in refined SUV sensibility

When comparing Acura RDX to the competition, Torque News discoveres that no other maker offers a ‘standard features’ list that compares. The RDX is an ever-evolving statement in refined automotive sensibility.

The engineering advancements found in today’s automotive world are mind boggling. Our 24/7 tech driven, Android,Google and IPhone connected environs has long been extended to our personal mode of transportation.

Be it a Civic LX or a Ford F150 pickup, today's engines, drive-trains, fuel management and personal communications are now forever linked to our favorite mode of transportation.

Looking to the small premium SUV segment, we discover that Acura stands head and shoulders above the competition with value added, no nonsense pricing and standard features.

We find no greater example of obtainable tech-driven automotive engineering than that found in the 2015 Acura RDX.

What Acura’s done here is take a small SUV crossover and refined it for the daily commute; while leaving off-road capabilities in place with a twist. This SUV is a rolling computerized personalized office that will when asked, assist in parking itself.

With road hugging suspension and and computerized traction transference, the RDX handles as well as it looks.

Tough enough for dirt road traversing, yet refined enough to rub elbows with BMW, Infiniti, Lincoln and Mercedes Benz at your next dinner party. The Acura RDX is a statement of affordable yet refined sensibility.

It also does a few other things. A feature that we appreciate at Torque News is Acura’s Amplitude Reactive Dampers and Motion Adaptive Power Steering. Did we mention that the RDX interior is whisper quiet. The road vibration sound dampening in this SUV is superior. Yes, you can take the RDX off road.

While that statement may be a bit of a stretch, we compare the interior noise of the RDX to that of a Mercedes Benz S Class. Of-course we haven't rolled the Benz up a dirt road for quite some time.

Consumers have made the RDX Acura’s # 1 seller for a reason. The RDX sport crossover represents the best standard equipped value in a small to midsize premium SUV today. The icing on the cake is a residual market value second to none in the industry, reducing the cost of long term ownership.

What’s it cost? The 2015 Acura RDX AWD ( all wheel drive) with technology package has a listed msrp of $39995.

That’s the top of the line. All RDX variants provide as standard equipment a 3.5 liter i-VTEC V6 engine rated at 274 hp. A 6 speed automatic transmission with wheel mounted paddle shifter. Leather seating, heated power front seats and a power moonroof.

*Yes, the RDX is available in a front wheel drive variant for those not requiring AWD.

RDX presently claims an EPA average fuel rating of 19/27/22, making it the most fuel efficient SUV in the class.

When comparing the RDX to the up and coming Lincoln MKC, we discover that a comparably equipped Lincoln will msrp for $46,800 plus tax and destination charges. The same is true for a comparably equipped BMW or Mercedes Benz.

Dollar for dollar, when kicking brand names to the curb, RDX wins this competition based on greatest initial value and highest residual value in its segment.

We’ll have to wait and see how the 2015 2.3 Liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder powered Lincoln MKC does against the much honored Acura RDX. The competition between these domestic manufactures should make for interesting competition in the premium midsize SUV segment.