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Tesla In the Year 2030: Autonomy, Grid Stability, Humanoid Robots, and More

Tesla in the year 2030 will look quite different than it does today. Here is where I see it going.

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Tesla Vehicles and FSD

The year is 2030 and Tesla is executing well on their Master Plan Part 3. This is what a Tesla world looks like at the end of the decade.


Tesla will announce more Giga factories for vehicles in their goal to get to 20 million vehicles per year. By this time, Tesla will have around 10 Giga factories producing vehicles, and several of these will be producing Tesla's Compact car. This compact car will sell around 6 million units per year.

Tesla will also have announced and started producing an even smaller compact car for places like India in order to reach a worldwide market. This car is the size of a Mini Cooper and has all the software and safety systems, along with the durability, that can be expected in a Tesla. It is made in half the time and half the cost of the 3rd generation compact car.

Tesla Bus:

The Tesla Bus is in operation and has displaced city buses by being a much cheaper cost to ride in. This bus also is autonomous and drives around according to those who need rides to certain places. These buses operate in a fixed geolocation so that people cannot summon one and ask to go across the country. While other buses charge, ones finished charging spring into operation.

Autonomy and FSD:

At this point in time, those who wish to own a vehicle can do so, like a Tesla Cybertruck or a Roadster, however, it will start to become more common for people to take a ride in an autonomous Robotaxi - even those who own a vehicle because of the convenience and low cost.

Tesla's global fleet of vehicles will be around 80 million vehicles at this time, and they will have all gathered data to make FSD able to drive itself without human intervention. The only times FSD doesn't work still are when the weather is horrible or snow covers up all the lane markings. There is a global flag for FSD to mark it as off or on for this, but eventually, AGI (artificial general intelligence) is able to drive even in these conditions.

The Tesla Semi also has Autopilot and FSD at this time, and Tesla has customized a camera that can be placed on the back of a trailer for a Semi that connects to the FSD system. This has to be a Tesla approved camera and functions like the backup camera on a car. Autonomous shipping with EVs is helping reduce global emissions.

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Tesla Energy, Bot, and Planes and Ships


Tesla Megapacks are being produced all over the world, as a new Megapack factory was announced every year since 2023. These factories are now in California, China, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Texas, India, and a second location in China.

Utilities are utilizing the Megapack in order to capture Energy at night when it is cheap and sell it during the day for a profit. The Megapack also stabilizes the grid, and snowy conditions that cause outages are a thing of the past.

PowerWall has come down in cost and is starting to be affordable for the average consumer. This allows someone to capture a few days worth of Energy and even capture energy at night and use it during the day, just like a utility company. Those with room to spare can sell energy during the day for a profit, just like a utility company.

Rooftop solar has also come down in price enough to be affordable and effective.

Tesla Humanoid Robot:

The Tesla Bot is doing simple and boring human labor jobs inside Tesla's factories and is helping with putting vehicles together and making more Tesla Bots. At this time, artificial intelligence is nearing a state of AGI (artificial general intelligence) and the Tesla Bot is able to have conversations and follow simple instructions.

There is a set of rules that the Tesla Bot will never break, such as using force or putting another human or life form in danger. There are also protocols around abuse of the Tesla Bot and eventually, humanoid robots will be given the same rights as humans.

There is also a clear map to more complicated work by the Tesla Bot, and they are beginning to show up in households that want extra help to clean or just someone to talk to.

Planes and Ships:

By this time, there are some intriguing battery chemistries that are very dense and expensive that make electric planes viable. Tesla is beginning to test out flight with these in the forms of autonomous drones and electric planes.

Tesla has also started its first production of an electric ship using LFP batteries and solar panels, as shipping across continents has proved costly and there wasn't enough transport - so Tesla solved this problem by building their own ships.

Tesla 2030 Summary:

Those who wish to own a personal vehicle can, but often rent it out as a Robotaxi to earn additional income.

Tesla vehicles, buses, vans, and semis dominate an autonomous system of vehicles that transport people and goods throughout the world.

Tesla Energy is flooding the world with Megapacks, PowerWalls, and rooftop solar as stationary storage becomes cheaper and enables people to make money.

Tesla Bot has mastered simple tasks, such as making and attaching parts for vehicles, and has a clear vision to more complicated tasks.

Tesla is starting to produce an electric autonomous plane as well as ships with LFP batteries to help with shipping vehicles.

What do you think Tesla will be doing in 2030?

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Jeremy Johnson is a Tesla investor and supporter. He first invested in Tesla in 2017 after years of following Elon Musk and admiring his work ethic and intelligence. Since then, he's become a Tesla bull, covering anything about Tesla he can find, while also dabbling in other electric vehicle companies. Jeremy covers Tesla developments at Torque News. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow his Tesla news coverage on Torque News.

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