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Can a Robotaxi Break the Rules of the Road?

Can autonomous self-driving cars be designed and programmed to break the rules of the road to perform the way car owners want? Here’s a recent look at what is currently happening with autonomous car tech that is striving to make full self-driving capabilities a reality on our roads while at the same time making the ride as human-like as possible.


Not All Owners Will Like Their Self-Driving Car Experience

One of the concerns of fully self-driving vehicles is that they will be so careful in following the rules of the road that it will take the joy out of the experience and will take you longer to get from point A to point B. So much so to the point of being more of an annoyance than a cool ride into the future.

However, what if autonomous cars can break at least some of those rules?

That was the questioned recently posited in a new episode of the Engineering Explained YouTube channel where the host meets with experts in the field of designing autonomous systems for cars and finds out where we are today and how those rules can be broken just enough to keep lawmakers, safety experts and the public happy.

Follow along with the host as he does a show and tell of how a motorized autonomous Robotaxi is designed to handle the busy streets of on Jerusalem. In the video you will learn that “…the backbone of autonomous cars, which comes down to three segments: hardware, mapping data, and driving policy” with a breakdown to fully understand how autonomous vehicles are being designed to navigate in heavy traffic

From this you will discover what it will very likely take to be the first automaker to be allowed full FSD certification; how autonomous systems are becoming smarter (i.e., safer) than human drivers; and, whether these vehicles can safely break the rules of the road…as we often do.

Can Self Driving Cars Break the Rules? Technology Deep Dive!

And finally…

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