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Tesla Will Notify You When Your Tire Tread Depth Is Low: Warning Message

We see a user of a Tesla getting a message that his tire tread depth is low. This is a useful message for safety and maintenance.

Tesla Warning Message For Tire Tread Depth

Shawn, a Tesla owner, just posted a message showing that Tesla is notifying him via a warning message on his center console screen, that his rear tire tread depth is low and that he should schedule service immediately for his tires to be inspected, rotated, or replaced.

Tesla has its center screen console, also known as its infotainment center, that prompted Shawn through a troubleshooting process and with a few taps, he scheduled a service appointment before he even got out of the car.

In the future, a Tesla vehicle will simply automatically schedule a Tesla service appointment and drive itself there to get worked on and then come back to the owner, who won't have had to do anything to get the Tesla there and back.

In Shawn's case, both the rear tires needed replacement, so he ended up getting 4 new tires. I hope he was at least able to sell these existing tires for some amount of money. Shawn was also surprised by the message and didn't realize Tesla would notify him of this kind of issue.

Tesla does this by calculating the long-term average difference between front and rear axle wheel speeds and uses this to model a difference in tread depth between the axles - and alerting you if it estimates significantly less tread depth on the rear vs front.

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What Else Can a Tesla Do?

Tesla vehicles are pretty remarkable, and they are known for many things. Here are some other things a Tesla vehicle can do:

You can enter a special Service mode by holding down the model name of your Tesla vehicle in the service menu. This allows you to do things like running battery tests.

Tesla vehicles are very simply and come in four primary models:

* Luxury Sedan: Model S
* Affordable Sedan: Model 3
* Luxury SUV: Model X
* Affordable SUV: Model Y
* A Tesla Semi

In the future, there will be a Cybertruck, two variants of a compact car, a van, a bus, and the new Roadster. Tesla will even get into planes and ships eventually, but they have a lot on their plate right now.

Tesla has a dog mode that lets your car stay at a nice temperature and displays a message on the screen that your dog is safe and well while in the car alone.

Tesla has a camp mode that lets your car use little Energy and plays a camp fire on the center screen.

The Model Y has a bioweapon defense mode in case the air quality gets terrible. This uses a HEPA filter.

What do you think about Tesla knowing your tire tread depth? Is this useful? Are all these other things about a Tesla vehicle useful to know?

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Image Credit, Shawn, Screenshot