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Tesla Model X Plaid Review - Almost Flying

An owner of a Tesla Model X Plaid shares his experience with the car and its extreme performance and acceleration. The new Plaid version is incredibly powerful.


The Tesla Model X Plaid

The Tesla Model X Plaid has 3 motors and an incredible amount of acceleration and performance. This owner sports a white Model X with black door handles and the 22 inch wheels. It's a very sporty and present look for his Model X.

Technology-wise, this car has 3 motors. One at each wheel in the ear for better torque vectoring. This car has more than 1,000 horse power. The acceleration is 2.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. This is from a stand-still.

Inside the vehicle is a yoke steering wheel. This means it is open on the top of the car, which gives you a better view of the instruments and screen panels ahead. The seats can be heated and cooled and the seat material is of a very good soft quality.

Inside the car, a center console controls the vehicle. You can also tilt the center screen toward the passenger if they are wanting to watch something or use the screen. There is an extensive infotainment system and voice controls can control most of what the car does.

The back seats don't have a ton of leg room, so if you are tall and trying to sit in the back, there may not be enough space for you to comfortably fit, especially if you are behind the drivers seat.

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Like a Spaceship

There is a screen for the back seats which allows you to use infotainment, streaming, Netflix and other things as well as the ability to control the air just from the screen. You can even access YouTube from the rear center screen.

This owners Model X Plaid has a 3rd row of seats, which is nice for children that are not that small or adults not too big. There is room in the center to put your legs if you need to.

There is also a sizable frunk, which allows you to put things in the front of your car and a trunk that has plenty of space. It has a width of 40 inches. You can release the 3rd row of seats if more space is desired.

The acceleration of the car is incredibly quick and while this owner floored the accelerator, his glove box opened and things fell out. He was driving on the Autobahn with no speed limit and the car was flying by other vehicles.

The car feels very comfortable and having the batteries placed at the low part of the car creates a low center of gravity. It makes SUV and Sedan driving pretty similar between EVs. The yoke steering wheel takes some getting used to.

For more information, see this video from Autogefuhl:

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