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Tesla Files Paperwork For Electric Planes, Boats, and More

We have news about paperwork Tesla filed that gives some clues to its future intent. This is electric motors for planes, boats, and more.

Tesla Files Paperwork for Electric Planes, Boats, and More

It is currently understood that someone else outside Tesla filed this paperwork:

Tesla has filed paperwork to make electric motors for airplanes, boats, and more. This is a trademark registration and is intended to cover the categories of asynchronous motors and NOT for land vehicles.

What does this mean? This means motors for airplanes. Permanent magnet motors and boat motors. The drive system will have two or more synchronous motors coupled through clutches to drive a common load. This could extend to electric motors for toys and other linear motors.

Producing an FAA-certified electric airplane motor would be a big help to the electric plane industry. Right now, the certification and testing process takes too long so starting now is a really good idea.

I can see Tesla making its own electric cargo ships. After all, Tesla is exporting vehicles from Giga Shanghai and is starting to not have enough cargo ships to transport its vehicles. A solution is for Tesla to make its own boats.

The official document says this:

"Asynchronous motors not for land vehicles; Motors for airplanes; Motors, namely, synchronous motors not for land vehicles; Permanent magnet motors; Boat motors; Drive system having two or more synchronous motors coupled through clutches to drive a common load; Electric motors for toys; Linear motors"

The paperwork was signed and created on 12/28/2022

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When Will Tesla Make These?

There will be a point that battery technology reaches a point where they can be light enough to provide enough power for flight and then electric airplanes will become mainstream. When this is is anybody's guess, but 10 to 20 years doesn't seem unreasonable.

Why all this announcement when the Cybertruck hasn't even been delivered to a customer yet? And project highland, Tesla's revamp of the Model 3 platform, has yet to come out. Still, this is just paperwork, getting ready for the time that it is ready and I don't think that is much effort. Tesla is doing the right thing by taking care of it now.

What's interesting about this is that Tesla has also not made its electric bus - its transit bus to hold many passengers. There's so many things for Tesla to do and it has to prioritize strategically like any smart manager.

As for what toys Tesla will create electric motors for, it could be the Cyberquad or Cyberquad for kids. There may be other small vehicles or toys that Tesla creates in the future.

I think we'll see Tesla do the following in this order with estimated year:

* Cybertruck (2023)
* Tesla Roadster (2024)
* Model 2 or Compact Vehicle (2025)
* Robotaxi Vehicle (will operate in warm and temperate climates in the U.S. first) (2025)
* Robo Bus/Van (2026)
* Electric Boat (2028)
* Electric Plane (2030)

This really will have Tesla having a vehicle in every segment. With the Tesla Semi also ramping production, Tesla will also need a Supercharger network than can handle boats and aircraft. I expect we'll see something about that in the coming years as well.

This is exciting news and shows Tesla's long term vision. What do you think about this paperwork - does it mean anything important? Will Tesla start to produce electric planes and boats?

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