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Tesla Covers Vehicles at Giga Texas - Are These Tesla's Generation 3 Vehicles?

We see some covered vehicles at Giga Texas that appear smaller than all the other Tesla's. Are these Tesla's generation 3 vehicles?


Tesla Vehicles Covered Up at Giga Texas

We have some images from the drone of Joe Tegtmeyer at Giga Texas that seems to suggest that Tesla is covering up some cars. There could be a variety of reasons for this, including the cars not having windows yet, but we think there may be a hidden reason.

When you look at the images closely, some of the cars appear smaller than the others. The Model Y and Model 3 vehicles are about the same in length with an about 3 inch difference making the Model Y longer at 187 inches.

Armen made an interesting Twitter comment in the Tweet thread with Joe's drone shots asking if these could be Tesla's generation 3 vehicles. If these were Tesla's generation 3 vehicles, they are spaced out seemingly randomly in the parking lot.

When a covered vehicle is facing the drone camera, it looks about the same size as a Model Y. When the vehicle is facing away from the camera, it looks much smaller than a Model Y. I don't see any vehicles that are covered facing the camera that look smaller, however.

My conclusion is that these are not Tesla's generation 3 vehicles being tested, but probably due to another Twitter comment saying that the windows have not been put in yet.

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Tesla's Generation 3 Vehicles

Still, this makes me wonder what Tesla will do when its generation 3 vehicles start to enter the test phase. After all, we've seen numerous drone shots of the Cybertruck and its test runs on the track. Eventually, Tesla will do the same for its generation 3 vehicles.

Tesla will likely have two generation 3 vehicles at most - the Robotaxi vehicle, which will have no pedals, mirrors, or a steering wheel, and the compact vehicle or the Model 2 - which will be a smaller and hopefully less complex vehicle than the Model 3.

It's also possible that Project Highland, which is Tesla's code name for a cost reduction project for the Model 3 could end up being the compact vehicle. After all, if Tesla can simply tone down the Model 3 and make it a little smaller, then you have your compact car without too much of a redesign.

We've heard a few theories about these covered vehicles at Giga Texas from them having no windows yet to them being Tesla's generation 3 platform vehicles. What do you think they are?

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Image Credit, Joe Tegtmeyer Screenshot