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Secrets of the Tesla Cybertruck Revealed: Prices, Variants, Accessories, and Specs

We have someone that spoke with Tesla employees and got some secrets shared about the Tesla Cybertruck at Investor Day.

Secrets of the Tesla Cybertruck

We have someone who was at Investor Day for Tesla that spoke to Tesla employees and had some secrets about the Tesla Cybertruck shared with him. These include information about the specs, variants, accessories and more. Let's see what he has to say about it.

Tesla Beta Version

The Cybertruck that Matthew saw at Investor Day was the Pre-Production Beta version, with full-hard, cold-rolled stainless steel. This is the exact truck that will be delivered to customers if it were for sale today. Once this version has been tested and finalized, Tesla will move on to a release candidate, which means getting ready for full-scale production. Tesla is a nimble company and, of course, they will make updates as needed.


The dimensions are one of the most popular questions about the Tesla Cybertruck. Here are the details:

Cybertruck With 35-inch Tires:

* Wheelbase: 145 in.
* Overall length: 231 in.
* Width (no mirrors): 84 in.
* Overall height: Variable with air suspension
* Bed Length: 73 in.
* Bed Width (at wheelhouse): 49 in.
* Bed Rear Opening Width: 57 in.

This is smaller (except the bed length) than a comparable F-150 Raptor with 35-inch tires. The air suspension allows the Cybertruck to go up and down in height. The one on display at Investor Day was at a middle setting. If you need extra clearance for off-road driving, you can raise the truck up. If you need efficiency, you can lower the truck. It makes it easy to get in and out of if you lower it.


The hood on the Cybertruck opens like a Model X. The front bumper grill area does not open up with the hood.

There will be two variants:

* Dual-motor
* Performance

After discussing this with Tesla staff, Tesla staff pushed back on the quad-motor variant and Matthew got the feeling that the performance will be a trimotor which is the same as the Model S and Model X Plaid vehicles - two motors in the rear, one in front. There will be no initial single motor variant.

Steering and Seating

All variants of the Cybertruck will have rear-wheel steering. There doesn't appear to be storage compartments in the sail areas as well.

All Cybertruck variants will have 5 seats. There will be no 3rd seat in the middle of the front. Matthew was told directly that it would have 5 seats due to it being 5% smaller than the prototype.

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More Tesla Cybertruck Secrets

Center Screen

The Tesla Cybertruck will have Tesla's biggest center screen display ever at 18.5 inches. The Model X and Model X have 17-inch displays. There was confirmation of no gauge cluster or heads up display. The second row console will have a screen as well, like the Model S and Model X.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel will be round at the sides and flat at the top and bottom. It's like a combination of a regular steering wheel and the yoke.

The windshield light bar will make it into production. It will contain amber lights - the wide width lights like the Tesla Semi - the lights you see at the top of the windshield.

Air Suspension

The suspension will be air suspension and that will come standard on all Cybertruck vehicles. This has been tested in racing conditions in rough terrain, and it allows the truck to jump around a little bit. If you are doing Baja style racing with the Cybertruck, will there be a non-air suspension version that can withstand the force of jumping? Matthew was told that the air suspension was tested and Tesla is confident it can handle Baja style racing.

Sandy Munro says the air suspension cylinders are the biggest he has ever seen.

Tires and Wheels

For the wheels and tires, there will be multiple wheel and tire packages. All the wheels will be at least 18 inches and there will be an all-terrain option, which are the tires you saw on the production beta. There will be an all-season tire as well. The tire size is a 285 65 r18 which means a 35-inch by 11 and a quarter inch 18-inch tire. If you drive in mud or snow, you'll want the all-terrain tires. If you want a more comfortable and quiet ride, get the all-season tires - they will be more comfortable with better range. Goodyear is the manufacturer of the all-terrain tires. It will be about $385 per tire.


The doors will not open automatically for you when you get near your Tesla Cybertruck. There is a button on the B and C pillar that has a button for the doors. If you have your phone or a key fob, the door will open a couple inches for you.


Matthew thought the Cybertruck would be more expensive than a loaded Model X. He was told to not be too sure about that. When the Cybertruck was unveiled, the top-line Cybertruck was lower than a base Model X. Tesla still might be trying to reach that price.

The prices of a Model S and Model X are around $90,000 to $100,000. A Ford Raptor, a top-line truck that the Cybertruck will compete with, will be at about $80,000 to $111,000 fully loaded. Matthew thinks the Cybetruck will fall in that range.

Tesla could try and get the Cybertruck below $80,000 in order to take advantage of the IRA tax credit, and that would be smart. Tesla might release it at $79,900 for the dual-motor and then the performance version in the $90,000 to $100,000 range.

Most other trucks have a ton of options you can add, which will increase the price. A Tesla Cybertruck will most likely come fully loaded, and you can then add a wheel or tire package or FSD. This will simplify the experience.

48 Volt Architecture

This will be Tesla's first 48 Volt architecture vehicle. This is super exciting news and means you will have higher gauge wiring which is lighter and cheaper. You will have more power. Tesla has wanted to do this for a while.

Legacy vehicles use so many parts from other suppliers that make this difficult. Tesla will have 85% of their parts internally, which means Tesla's vertical integration will make it possible to do 48 volts. Will Tesla allow for attached accessories? What about off-road lights and other things?

Secret Cybertruck Accessories Team

There is a secret Tesla Cybertruck accessories team that is working on several things, including:

* Winches
* Off-road lights
* Steel bumper
* Camping equipment
* Bike racks

This is super exciting and will increase Tesla's profits with after purchase accessories. Most of these will be plug and play and much easier to use than other third party companies.


The bumpers were stainless steel at the unveil event. The bumpers and the side skirts on the production beta are plastic - a black plastic and 5 mile per hour compliant. Matthew asked Tesla staff if it will be easy to remove these, and Tesla said yes. Tesla will offer better bumpers.

Other Trucks on the Market

What about the other trucks on the market. What is one feature of those that Tesla wishes they had? Tesla said they have nothing on them that they are wanting on the Cybertruck. Everything is there.


Tesla said you will be pleasantly surprised about the weight of the Cybertruck. There is a good chance it will be less than 7,000 pounds. It will likely be close to a Rivian. The range of weight will be between 6,500 and 7,500 pounds. The battery will be between 125 and 150 kWh.


The range will likely be less than 500 miles. A 350-mile range seems like the number.

Hidden Feature Franz Mentioned

This is probably the 48 Volt architecture, which means Tesla will be able to make their own accessories.

Cameras and Side Mirrors

There is a mirror in the front that's not a digital display. This is a legal requirement. The side mirrors are supposedly removable. There are no screens where the mirrors should be.

FSD and Cameras

The cameras and FSD should work right away, with the Cybertruck.

These are some great secrets and reveals about the Cybertruck. Thanks, Matthew, for reporting on these.

The truck will most likely start in the U.S. and will take time to be sold in other markets.

For more information, see this video from Matthew Donegan-Ryan

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Image Credit, Matthew Donegan-Ryan, Screenshot