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Secret Footage From Tesla Shows Pickup Driver Lying About Crash

We have some footage from a Tesla vehicle that was involved in a crash with a pickup truck. The footage shows the pickup truck driver was lying.


Tesla Crash With Pickup Truck

We have a situation with a Tesla Model 3 and the driver of a pickup. The impact was so powerful that it pushed the Tesla vehicle into two utility poles on the right side. The right pillar camera of the Tesla didn't show much, but the left pillar camera showed quite a lot.

The situation happened with Adam and his son, who were driving down a residential street in Napa, California, when the pickup truck driver ran a stop sign and T-boned the driver's door of the Tesla Model 3.

The footage from the left pillar camera clearly shows the pickup truck running a stop sign in a two-way stop intersection. At any stop sign, a vehicle is required to stop and look before proceeding, and the pickup truck when through without any sign of slowing down.

Normally, getting the pillar camera footage from a Tesla vehicle isn't done, but if you enable certain settings, and after a crash, you can request that Tesla send you the footage. The pillar cameras are normally used for Autopilot and safety features.

In California and nowhere else as far as is known, you can request the footage from Tesla. Adam and his son could only get out while climbing through the windows. The driver of the pickup truck claimed that Adam and his son took him out and didn't even ask if they were ok or try to help. The pickup driver wouldn't stop yelling.

Adam and his son were perfectly fine, and the other drive insisted he had stopped. After seeing the video, the police took Adam's side.

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Tesla Cameras, Software, and Safety

Tesla Insurance sorted everything out in a timely manner and the Tesla was deemed a total loss. After a couple of weeks, Adam took delivery of a new Model 3.

Tesla vehicles are known for their safety and ability to withstand great force. In this case, a very large pickup truck smashed hard into the driver door of the Tesla Model 3. Both occupants were, fortunately, unharmed.

There are other cases where a Tesla vehicle withstood great force, and they are:

* When a giant tree fell on a Tesla and the occupants survived.
* When a family of four fell hundreds of feet in a Tesla and survived.

Tesla does numerous crash tests to ensure the greatest safety of their vehicles. They also have a large crumple zone in the front due to having no engine there. Tesla vehicles also have a combination of cameras and software in order to notify drivers of potential problems.

What do you think of this footage from the Tesla that was hit by a pickup truck? Was the pickup truck driver at fault?

You can see the footage from this accident here from Wham Baam Teslacam:

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Image Credit, Wham Baam Teslacam, Screenshot