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Project Highland Model 3 Changes Exposed: The Changes Coming For the Model 3 This Year

We have some leaked information that shows the upcoming changes for the Tesla Model 3: Project Highland, that are expected to happen this year.

Changes for the Model 3: Project Highland

The Tesla Model 3 is getting some of its biggest changes this year, and of course that would happen right after I bought mine in August 2022. These changes are exciting though, and according to, an insider that can be trusted shared some of the big changes coming to the Model 3.

Headlights Are Being Redesigned

You may have seen some pictures of Tesla vehicles with the headlights covered, and there was a good reason for this - the redesigned Model 3 is going to have a change in headlights.

These new headlights will not be shaped the same way they are today. Tesla will provide some models with matrix headlights. The software to enable these headlights won't be available right away, though.

Camera on the Bumper

One very good and needed change is a bumper camera. The reason this is needed is that ultrasonic sensors are going away. There needs to be something on the front of the car that can detect objects. This camera will be in the center area of the lower-vent area of the bumper. If you saw the Tesla Cybertruck at Investor Day, the camera will be in a similar position.

Read Bumper Redesign

The rear bumper will also be changed, though there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to do so, like the front bumper. It's possible that the changes to the rear bumper are purely to save money, and that is all.

Mirrors and Additional Cameras

Tesla will change the mirrors slightly, though they will still look similar to how they do today. Tesla's biggest change here is to make them match the rest of the car in order to streamline manufacturing.

The additional cameras that have come with hardware 4.0 on the Model S and Model X vehicles were nice to hear about, and they are coming to the Model 3 as well. More cameras will be on the Model 3 with Project Highland.

* There is the new one on the front bumper
* There are two more on the sides of the vehicle

That makes 3 more cameras. One will face backward like it does now, while the other will point in the other direction. It is suspected that these side cameras will be on the front sides of the car in order to give a better view at intersections and unprotected left and right-hand turns that have trees, cars, buildings, and other obstacles that make viewing difficult.

Hardware 4.0

Project Highland will use hardware 4.0 and the cameras are expected to be the same cameras that Tesla has on the Model S and Model X hardware 4.0 vehicles. They will most likely be 5-megapixel cameras with an anti-glare coating. These are more advanced cameras than the current 1.2-megapixel cameras in current hardware 3.0 vehicles.

Sensors Are Gone

Tesla has removed the ultrasonic sensors and the sensors used to detect temperature. Instead, Tesla will use your location and weather data to gauge the surrounding temperature.

Tesla also applied for a patent for a Global Navigation Satellite System antenna. It's possible that this will be used to more accurately detect the cars' location.

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More Changes for the Model 3

Inside the Model 3

The wood trim is being removed from the inside of the Model 3 and is being replaced with a fabric finish, which might be Alcantara fabric that Tesla used in the Model S and Model X. It's likely this fabric is less expensive for Tesla to use.

The dash of the vehicle will be changed, but these details weren't shared with the insider who is giving this information. The changes are most likely going to be cost saving changes, though.

Release Date For Project Highland

This is definitely a lot of changes for the Model 3, and it makes me wonder if I should trade mine in and get this refreshed version with the $7,500 tax credit. That sure would be nice. I'll think about it.

The insider who shared this information said that the changes to the Model 3 would come around the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Do you believe the information from this insider? Are these good changes for the Model 3?

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