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New Tesla Model 3 RWD - Long Range: Available In Select Markets

We have word from a senior manager at Tesla who shared on their LinkedIn page a new Model 3 RWD long range.

The New Tesla Model 3 RWD - Long Range

Karen Bowen, a Senior Key Account Manager at Tesla, recently shared on her LinkedIn page that Tesla is introducing a new Model 3 long range - that is a RWD with just a single motor in the back.

Tesla has currently discontinued sale of its Model 3 dual-motor long range vehicle, though Tesla's website says that this variant is coming in 2023. I hope Tesla fixes this as we're about to head into May, and soon it will be half-way done with 2023.

Karen mentioned that this vehicle is being offered to electrify the Europe B2B (business to business) fleet. The Model 3 RWD long range has 394 miles of range with the highest level of charging convenience and an entry level price of 46,990 British Pounds (or $58,401.66 U.S. dollars).

This long range version of the RWD Model 3 will combine access to Tesla's Supercharger network and provide peace of mind for the most intensive and demanding fleet users. It also has an efficient powertrain which delivers great range and quick acceleration, along with smooth handling.

This vehicle can only be ordered through Tesla's B2B channels, with deliveries starting in June 2023. I don't know what Tesla's B2B channels are, but it's definitely not available on Tesla's website. It's probably like the Semi and has to be ordered differently.

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Will This Be Sold On Tesla's Website?

This vehicle is quite interesting to me at a starting price of $58,401.66. I do some quick math on this and compare it to the Model 3 RWD standard range to see which gives you more "bang" for your bucks. 58,401.66 / 394 miles of range = $148.23 per mile of range.

With the Model 3 RWD standard range, you get $41,990 / 272 miles of range = $154 per mile of range. This new long range variant of the Model 3 RWD is a better deal if you care about range - which I think many people do with an EV, especially fleet operators who don't make use of overnight home charging.

Would I get this vehicle? Not at this point because I charge once a week at a slow charger nearby and that is more than enough for me. It's rare for me to drive 150 miles or more a week, so usually when I charge, I'm at around 40% to 50%. That's plenty of buffer for me.

Still, for a Robotaxi network, or a fleet of EVs, this is a great vehicle to have as this vehicle will need to fast charge when it gets low on battery, and it will get a lot of range quickly by fast charging.

I'm curious what kind of battery will be in this vehicle - will it be LFP or a Lithium-ion battery pack? I think it will be the Lithium-ion battery pack because an LFP battery giving 394 miles of range may be too heavy.

What do you think about this new Model 3 RWD long range from Tesla?

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