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Model 3 Speed Without a Body - Surprising Results

What is the speed of a Tesla Model 3 without a body? The results will surprise you.


Speed of a Tesla Model 3

Chris is a new Tesla owner, sharing his advice about his Tesla. He was asked how much faster his Tesla would get if he cut the entire body off of it.

He took off the frunk, doors, and trunk to see what happened and there were no warnings from the car. Furthermore, he then had the rest of the body taken off and set up a test drive to compare how the car performed with the body and without the body.

He removed additional material from the side, along with portions of glass that made up the windows. The areas with the cameras were also removed. Additional cutting of the metal frame was done.

Something that was tricky is that there is a panel bonding compound on the back of the car. He had to use a metal wire to remove that piece as well.

This Tesla was a crashed Tesla, by the way, and wasn't new. He had to deal with the high voltage charging port and make it more centered. There is a lot of wiring in a Tesla when you remove the frame, showing just how much things are interconnected within it.

A Model 3 goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds for the RWD with LFP batteries and for the long range version that is being sold on Tesla's website right now, that version goes 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

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Speed Without a Body

One of the issues that started happening was that the center screen was saying that the charging cable was still plugged in. This was related to the charging port opening. Nothing was unplugged, but it was disconnected from the vehicle.

More and more was done to the Tesla until the top was completely gone and all that was left was the insides with the wiring and tubes - along with tires - basically all that was needed to still run the car besides the body.

He called the car the first Tesla convertible, which I thought was hilarious. The wind was definitely noticeable while he was driving, giving a motorcycle like feel while he was driving.

With the entire body off, they predicted the increase in times, and they ranged around .2 to .4 seconds of an increase. Then they did a test drive launch. The car showed 117 miles remaining with about 30% battery left. This leads me to believe this is a Model 3 long range before 2023.

The actual time without the body was 1 second faster for a 0 to 60 mph time. It ended up doing it in 3.39 seconds. That's really fast. I didn't expect it to be a second faster!

What did you think of this test drive without a body on the Model 3?

For more information, see this video from B is for Build:

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