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Aptera Pivots to Adopt DC Fast Charging - They Heard You and Made a Change

Aptera, with its novel design and 1,000 mile EV vehicle is now doing DC fast charging - here's why.

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Aptera and DC Fast Charging

Aptera has made a change and is explaining why they are going to launch every Aptera with DC fast charging with 40 to 60 kW fast charging.

Before Tesla opened up their charging for anybody to use, the only other option was a giant combo plug that is difficult to use and put on the vehicle.

Aptera paused the development on DC fast charging and had been working on it. On the prototype, there is folded sheet aluminum. The production version will be even better. The place in the holes for the fast charger connects and will provide a fast charging port.

Why 40 to 60 kW? Aptera doesn't want to add too much copper and material in order to get past a 40 kW minimum. 60 kW appears to be the max as too much material would have to be added as well.

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Aptera Charging Options

Aptera's launch edition vehicles will be compatible with Tesla Superchargers and that is good news for Aptera. There was consistent and overwhelming feedback that DC fast charging was needed.

DC fast charging is absolutely essential for the mission of moving all vehicles to EVs. With Tesla making the move to open its Superchargers to everyone in North America soon, I'm sure that Aptera will be included.

Some might argue that 40-60 kW isn't that much, but Aptera's vehicles are so efficient it will probably be enough for them. The shorter range versions will for sure need it, but if you get a 1,000 mile range version, you may never need to charge at all.

It's a good sign that Aptera listened to its customers and those people who have pre-ordered. This change will make sure that they keep their customers and advance sustainable Energy.

What do you think of Aptera adopting DC fast charging? Will Aptera survive as a company?

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