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The Biggest Reason Why Your Toyota is Not Getting Fixed

Here’s a great example of the biggest reason why your beloved Toyota is failing to get repaired while hemorrhaging repair costs that you should not have to pay for.

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Scam, Incompetence, or Just Plain Laziness?

Have you ever taken your Toyota to a garage for a performance issue that despite all the work done and money you’ve spent on repairs, continues to not perform as well as it should? You are not alone. And here’s why.

According to a recent Car Care Nut YouTube channel episode, the biggest reason why your Toyota is not getting fixed is because of either a scam, incompetence, or just plain laziness, where mechanics are failing to properly diagnose car engine performance problems.

In a recent video the host presents a 2010 Toyota Camry with the 2AR-FE engine of which the owner has a complaint of a significantly lower power problem that despite repairs at a garage remains unfixed. Worse yet, the owner has had to cough up approximately $600 in repairs with no clear end in sight as more problems “are found” by the hired garage.

As it turns out this is not an uncommon problem. But how do you know if the repairs you’ve already paid for were in fact a problem to begin with? You don’t. However, what you do know (or will soon) is that paying for a repair that fails to resolve a problem is a big red flag that something is amiss with the garage and the mechanic’s ability to properly diagnose a problem.

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That’s the message in the video where the host explains the fault often lies with mechanics who only read what a scan tool reports and then fires the parts cannon at the problem until either the problem…or the customer…goes away.

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Watch and Learn from This Example

As a testament to the problem of mechanics and techs mis-diagnosing a car’s problems, the host does a show and tell of the aforementioned Toyota to show where the previous attempts to repair the vehicle went wrong and why it was all due presumably to the mechanic mis-diagnosing the source of the problem by relying solely on a scan tool’s error code readout.

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In the video you will learn:

• Why a problem has to be isolated as to whether it’s electrical or mechanical in nature before heading down a diagnosis pathway.

• How firing the “parts cannon” is a problem that can cause even more problems.

• Why you should not use non-OEM parts: in particular, for electrical system problems.

• Why scan tools are not always the answer to an engine’s malfunction, but more of an indication of where to look…but again, not always.

That said, here is the recommended video that can provide some insight into why your car is not being repaired correctly and the real reason why a garage might be insisting it needs to keep the car for a week or more in order to do the repairs.

Mechanic Parts Cannon FAIL Cost Customer A LOT! Let's Try This Again

And finally…

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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