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Best Jump Starter for Your Car This Winter

Here’s a great recent review of several brands of car jump starters ranging from $59 to $370 with two clear winners for about $100 that make the most sense to buy for your car this winter.


Low Battery Winter is Coming

Many car owners know that winter is when problems with a weak car battery tend to manifest due to the effect cold temperatures have on even the best of batteries. While it is a good idea to regularly test your car battery health as part of your car maintenance, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan for those winter months when temperatures along with your car battery charge can drop precipitously.

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That backup plan is to keep in your trunk a portable car battery jump starter that can do the job that needs to be done at a price that is affordable enough to save you the cost of a single towing charge.

Jump Starter Review

According to a recent Project Farm YouTube channel episode, there is a wide range of jump starters available---most of which are made in China---that performance-wise and cost-wise do not always ensure that the buyer is getting his or her money’s worth.

To help clear up the confusion of which brand of car jump starter is the best without having to take a chance on overpaying for what should be the better jump starter, the host of the Project Farm YouTube channel stress tested multiple brands and found that when it comes to performance and economy you cannot go wrong with buying either one of two models that are nearly one-fourth the cost of the best tested one available.

In fact, if you follow the viewer comments following the video you will find that personal testimonies backup the jump starter review findings and practically guarantee which jump starter purchase is the right one for you this winter.

Spoiler Alert

In case you do not have time to watch the video, a spoiler alert is posted at the end of the article that you can skip to that will reveal two nearly equal recommended models with one costing $100 and the other just $19 more in case either one sells out soon.

That said, here is the video well worth watching in its entirety that not only shows you the ones that perform the best, but a few other models that are best to stay away from.

Best Jump Starter 2023? Are Jumper Cables Better? Let’s find out!

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Spoiler Alert Reveal

Here are the two car jump starters that offer the best performance for the price. Please note that coupon deals can be found that may lower the listed final cost or differ from the video’s listed price:

  1. GOOLOO GP4000 Jump Starter
  2. HOMPOW Jump Starter

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